To Julie Wall on her Business’ Anniversary

As I was reading back over comments made on my posts, I found one by Julie Wall of Wall2Wall Photography. The post was about “Casting Your Bread On the Waters.” You never know whose life you have made an impact on. This got me to thinking about someone who had a major impact on my career.

I was meeting with SCORE advisors and telling them all the things I did to start my business. They were truly in awe of all I had tried and how resourceful I had been. I told them a good bit of the credit goes to you for mentoring me!! You got me started. I may not be a success but I am working some and I am enjoying it. Because of your writing in a magazine, I thought I would try the newspaper. I have written and photographed for articles for the local  newspaper, occasional shots for a business, photographed for the local Chamber of Commerce for their major events, made a good-sized check for 21 photos of my town, being used by an advertising group to advertise for a new subdivision being built down the highway from me.  Because of your taking me under your wing and spending hours teaching the things I needed to do to start a business, I knew to join the Chamber of Commerce, be active in my little town, meet people and let them get to know me. I volunteered for Relay For Life (once after the fact by donating the photos for 2011) then was asked to photograph 2012 Relay For Life for Southern Wake County. Because of you I got to shoot a fashion show. Sure I didn’t make any money off of it, but how many other photographers can claim that kind of experience. Because of my joining the Chamber of Commerce here, I have gotten to know many people and been asked to photograph for a candidate for the state House. My picture of the old Post office museum adorns the 2012 local chamber of  commerce directory and includes 4 or 5 of my photos inside it. My skills have grown, but I know there is much more to learn. I often don’t know where to start, but just plow in and see what I can learn and do as it comes. You taught me that it’s ok to not know everything, nobody does when they are starting out. Since I knew nothing except what you taught me about business, I took many of the free courses offered through the local community college offered by the Small Business Association. I took three classes through the community college and one online class. I may not be a successful photographer but I can sure give advice to a lot of others who are just starting out and know less than I do, just like you did for me. I want to thank you on the anniversary of your business for all you did to get me started. For being patient and going slow while I took notes, or fumbled with things. I never felt like you were sitting there judging me. You just supported me and helped me. So please when considering your accomplishments, consider my business, some of my experience, and some my confidence as part of them. I may not be successful as a business but I am happy and thankful for all I have learned. Thank you for all the times you helped me. I pray for your success and happiness in the upcoming year of your business and your life.

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