A Modern Psalm

Although this is not a Sequoia it is a one hundred and nine year old tree at Williamsburg, VA.  It’s huge outstretched arms seemed to make it appropriate for the picture.
I wrote this poem several years ago and decided to share it .

A Modern Psalm By Melodie Elaine Estes

You are a great Sequoyah Tree.
Impervious, immortal,immoveable.
None of the insects of human frailities can touch you.
You weather every storm, massive, powerful, ancient.

Your give your eternal love to me.
You give of your strength to me.
You give of your ageless wisdom to me.
You give of yourself to me.

I stand in the shadows of your outstretched limbs,
Secure against the harsh sun.
Bolstered against the storms of life,
By the twining of my roots with yours.
I stand because you are there helping me.

You remind me of your love.
You nurture me through prayer and worship.
You draw me to you and comfort me.
I am your seedling, Thankful for your presence,
Seeing your love for me through your tender care.

No matter how much I look, I can’t see all of you.
No matter how long my limbs, I can’t reach around you.
No matter how hard I try I can’t reach to your branches.
You can see all of my life. You have reached down to me.

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