Who is Joyful2beeblog’s Blogger?

Hi, I am M. Estes. I am a retired nurse with many interests. My two cats entertain me and keep me company and make great topics for blogs and photos.

Some of my days are spent recovering from the previous day’s activities during which I got everything accomplished that should have been done days before. The rest of my time I am going out with my girl friends to see a movie, eat out, or travel..

Then there is volunteering and blogging to add some purpose to my life as well. Reading and studying whatever tickles my fancy is another pass time.

I enjoy being with people so at least every other day I get out to visit or be where people are. Mental and visual stimulation are good for someone my age. LOL. I am 66 years young.

My mind gets boggled thinking about and keeping up with how far our world has come in the fields of science and technology.  Growing up with a black and white TV that had only three channels gives me a great appreciation for these new fangled inventions. My hobbies include reading, traveling, volunteering, learning about nature and the world. I actually love the PBS channels about animals. I study spiritual matters and energy healing as well.

Positivity (after an initial freak out) is one of my personality traits. Viewing problems as challenges to figure out has contributed to that part of my coping mechanisms for stress.  I have survived a lot of stress from working 17 years in Intensive and Coronary Care Units. (I was a nurse for 37 years.)

It is said, “Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” Well I must be Wonder Woman by now! I have a good sense of who I am because of my life. But these experiences have given me some wisdom, humorous stories and experiences which  I plan to offer in some of my blogs.

Writing is important to me because it helped me find my voice.  I was a member of an online group of friends and shared various funny incidents and stories about my family. The readers’ responses became a motivation to write. Amazingly I was told how interesting my stories were!

Through blogging I learned that I could meet like-minded people and learn from them.  By reading the blogs of others I could connect with people from all over the world. It is always good to know there are others who feel and think like I do, regardless of how “unique” I might consider myself. lol

Since keeping my blog fresh is a challenge I will periodically post some of my favorite photos.  Beauty is always a good thing to share. I hope you enjoy my stories as much as I enjoy telling them.

10 thoughts on “Who is Joyful2beeblog’s Blogger?

  1. Hey Joyful…I mean M. Elaine! Hi! I’ve tried to come by and check out your blog before, but was always blocked for some reason. Well you know WordPress—they must have tried to shield you from my Cluttered Mind and its zany influence. I somehow managed to avoid all the landmines this time, though, and got through to say hello. Your blog looks very nice…and organized! So that alone suggest you have not been affected by visits to my blog which I can only attribute to your having been a nurse—that, or you’re immune to my chaotic influence. Anyway, I’m delighted I got through to visit your site. Keep up the great writing. ‘o)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi, IMCA,. Thank you!! I like your zaniness. Lol. I really appreciate your comments too! Zaniness runs in my family!! Being zany also helped me keep my sanity as a nurse too. Lol. I am sorry you had trouble breaking through my line of defense against non persistent readers. Lol(Not really.) I may have been working on the site. Let me know if you have trouble again. I got a kick out of your posts too!!


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