Brief LOA from Blog

Sorry I have not been able to write much lately. Last weekend I went to SC for my nephew’s wedding. (Had a blast!) Seeing my sisters from MO and ID after 3 or 4 years was quite an enjoyable reunion.

The very next day on the way home I found out I had a bad cold. Then a large part of today was spent watching the weather because of the potential for tornadoes, thunderstorms and hail. Well, we had none of the first or last ones.

So I am using this time to try to catch up some. while doing so, I read a post by a very intelligent young man on “David of Raptitude.”

He is a deep thinker with great insights into our minds and how we think. This blog addresses those of us who are on the “Belief Patrol.” I have pretty much resigned my position as one. But it takes some time to stop useless habits. Check out what he says and see what you think.

The Art of Letting Others Be Right

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