This blog I hope will help others who are in the same situation I was in 5 years ago. As we get older our lives change, leaving us with a feeling of being left behind. Here are some of my suggestions to help someone.


For many of us middle aged women a lot of changes take place which require some adaptive stategies. Some of us may have some physical problems that limit our activities or limit our productivity at our jobs. Some may lose our spouses to divorce, menopause, or changes from illness or even their deaths. We all deal with these experiences sooner or later.

But there is one loss that can really hit home among all of the losses and changes occurring in the aging years. (I am only speaking for women here, since I don’t know how it is for men during this time. But I feel sure they have similar emotions that women do.)

Our young adult children finally find the career they were meant for; the love of their life; the home of their dreams; the income to support themselves; and their own debts, stresses and joys of adulthood…

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