Welcome to Your New World, My Dear Grandson

Baby Leo 2 12088180_10206455941420395_8253844688568804577_nYou are here!! We have waited so long for your arrival. Your family has been dreaming of your being in our lives far longer than the nine months that your mother carried you. There is no anticipation like that of a parent waiting for their first child to enter their world and no joy to surpass that of holding their first-born baby.

The excitement grows with you.

I know how your mommy and daddy felt when they found out your life was beginning in your mommy’s tummy. All the anxiety your parents felt when you first started your life melted into joy as they could feel your arms and legs moving, and they saw you on the ultrasound, confirming you are not just a long-awaited dream, but a real live infant with a new life.

The preparation of your room and the baby shower celebrated your imminent arrival and confirmed that you would finally joining us in this world. Then the excitement set in. We could hardly wait for you to be born!!

Before you were born you had personality!

As you grew in your mommy’s tummy, you showed signs of likes and dislikes for certain foods, which tickled your parents greatly. (You kicked violently when mommy ate broccoli.) You became more active after some foods and sleepy after others. You had personality before you were even born!

We waited eagerly for your birth.

You are my first grandbaby and the first child of your parents. I have always loved children and babies. But you will always be special to me. I was there with your other grandmother, your aunt, and uncle when we heard you would soon be entering this world. Your uncle and aunt were there when we thought you were arriving on St. Patrick’s Day. They had to leave because you decided to wait until the next day to arrive. So the next day those of us who could stay waited eagerly to hear the news that you were finally coming.

We all loved holding you.

After your birth it must have been so difficult for your mother and daddy to release you from their arms into the arms of the nurses and doctors. How long it must have seemed before they held you again for a wonderful hour of peaceful, loving bonding. Mommy and Daddy held you close against them allowing the scents, voices and appearances of each parent to become firmly ingrained in your little mind. “We are your parents and we love you so much,” was something I am sure they said over and over. Their joy was immeasurable, overflowing, and they glowed with the love, joy and pride they felt for you!! You gazed at your mother and daddy’s faces and listened to their voices attentively. You knew they are your parents.

After that hour with just your parents you had two grandmothers, an aunt and an uncle, still there who wanted to hold you in their arms too. We love you so much, Little One!! We each held you and looked at your sweet face as you slept in our arms. Our lives became richer because you are in this world.

While we held you, your mommy and daddy couldn’t wait to hold you again. It had been nine whole months of waiting before they were able to hold you in their arms. Is it any wonder they were reluctant to release you even to family? As they held you in their arms, they gazed at you in such wonder and love and repeatedly touched your face, fingers, toes, tummy and kissed you too!

You have a voice!

You are so beautiful and really seem quite content, crying only when you had a wet or poopy diaper or were hungry. I am sure that will change as you have more needs and opinions to communicate. We just smiled at your voice and persistence in letting us know you had something that needed to be tended to.

Things will never be the same.

You caused great plans and feelings in each of us. Your daddy said he was going to take a lot of pictures of you. I told him that his computer would be full of your pictures very soon. He wants to teach you everything he knows, I do believe. He will be a great father.

Your mother is an amazing woman. She, like your daddy is very smart and studied and learned what they needed to know to raise you in a way that will help you grow into a good, smart, wise, and loving man. Your mother was so at ease as she fed you for the first time, she is a “natural” mother.

I was thrilled to hold you!

I got to hold you too. Just looking at you made me tear up with joy. You brought back memories of when I held your uncle when he was a baby. He and your daddy are now brothers who have a wonderful bond of brotherly love.

You will help us learn about life too.

Little ones are a blessing in this world that help us grownups see the world anew. As we grownups get older we get bogged down in the work of making money to take good care of our families, pay for our homes, and try to have fun too. Sometimes we grownups lose sight of the beauty and wonder of this world. Little children rekindle that curiosity and joy through their own excitement of the newness of life around them.

A little grandmotherly advice for you.

Just be yourself, little one. Love and be loved. Find joy in your life and in the beauty of life around you. Remember you have a lot of people here to help you and to love you.

Remember that your mother and daddy never raised a child before. They will make mistakes, but try to remember that they are doing the best they know how because they love you. Then remember when you make mistakes as an adult that you are doing the best you know how to do also. Love your mother and father and love yourself. We are all children of this earth and need to love each other with compassion and love. You are someone very special to a lot of people.

14 thoughts on “Welcome to Your New World, My Dear Grandson

  1. Congratulations. There is truly nothing better than Grand Babies! A lovely post that your wee one will certainly cherish years from now. Thank you for sharing. ๐ŸŒต

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