In Praise of the Amazing Smartphone!

I want to express my feelings for my constant companion…my cell phone. When I eat out alone I am never really alone. I check out what my friends are saying or play word games with my friends.

When I go to an event I have my phone’s camera flashing or filming. When I am on the road I use my GPS to check my destination’s distance and the ETA. Or I check for an accident that might block or slow traffic. But there are even more uses for this wonderful gift from the internet to us!

Yes, I know I grew up in the dark ages and still remember when Daddy brought home our very first black and white TV, complete with rabbit ears, which could only receive three channels. Now I find out a new TV can become my computer screen!! Can you blame me for my exuberance? I can’t wait to get mine!! Well, I digress.

Imagine my surprise when I discovered the smart phone!! Well, I got one and my best friend and sons, coached me enough to get off to a good start! All of these wonderful features squeezed into one little all powerful phone that I could carry around with me, everywhere I go!

I admit it. I love these amazing gadgets and truly appreciate their multiple uses. I did not have access to the internet for personal use until about 7 years ago. So forgive me my deep, heart felt joy and thrill of learning new information that some of you younger folks already figured out. Perhaps I can rekindle the thrill for those already jaded with the treasure trove in that little handheld miracle!

The features mentioned below are only a minuscule view of what is available. The sheer volume of information, contacts, ways to access friends, points of view, photos, beauty, maps for navigation entertainment, and unlimited knowledge on how to do anything available is right at your fingertips!!

Some of these suggestions involve using a downloadable app, some are built into the phone already.

1. Ever forget where you parked your car in a field or parking building? Use your smart phone to photograph the row sign or the level or floor  number and section you are in.

2. Don’t have paper or pen to write prices down to compare them at another store? Take a photo of the price tag with the name of the store. You’ll have it until you erase it!

3.If you are not sure what to buy when your partner asks you to get something. Take a picture and send it to them to verify the object!!

4. If your car is in for service and the customer service agent tells you something you can’t quite understand is wrong with your car, Google it!! Learn what you can. Take your time and understand the problem before making a decision.

5. Are you trying to understand directions your desktop computer is showing you on a site but they involve a lot of details? Photograph the screen and refer to it while you are following the instructions!

6. Do you ever mistrust the person who is “chatting” with you on a special window about a service, bonus or something free and you have no way to copy the conversation or remember who you were talking to? Photograph the conversation from the start. You will have proof the conversation took place and what guarantees were made and who made them!

7. If you have “fallen and can’t get up” or have an intruder, if you have “Old Faithful” with you, you can just say, “Okay, Google, Call 911″or whomever. Lassie would have been just “little Timmy’s sweet dog” instead of his rescuer if Timmy had had a cell phone! Lassie did have to run unnumbered miles, in the mud and through dangerous situations to get Timmy the help and then get them there in time before the cave fell in or Timmy bled to death or whatever.

8. If you are a writer, poet, musician, or have thoughts you want to save but a desk is not available at the moment, use your phone’s voice record app for something you don’t want to forget.

9. Ever have your electricity go out? Need a flashlight in a theater or dark field at an event? Use your phone’s  flashlight app. I keep my cell phone with me all the time, the screen light itself can give a decent light.

10. Is there something to be read or being said in a language you don’t understand? You can use the Translate app and photograph the words, or speak the words into the microphone and it will interpret for you.

I will refrain from any more exuberance since the night is wearing on. Being an old fogey, I do need my sleep so I can be receptive to more wonders of the cell phone tomorrow!

If you have some cool uses, please share them here. I love being amazed!!

Smart Phone

14 thoughts on “In Praise of the Amazing Smartphone!

  1. I share your exuberance Joyful!! It’s really mind-boggling what those little things can do! We are with T-mobile so get free international data and used my smartphone as our GPS when we were driving around Europe. It took us down some interesting roads but I just keep telling Hubs, “Trust the Google!” I almost feel like my step-grandmother… She has long since passed, but she was a girl when the Wright brothers flew at Kitty Hawk and she lived to see us land on the moon. It’s kind of like that with us and technology right? 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment, Greeningasia.. So we might as well learn about them and use them to our advantage. I am amazed that in my life time I went from the black and white tv and rotary phone to a HD TV, desk top, Kindle with Wifi and Cellphone! I love it!!


    1. Well, actually Aps on cell phones are now helping people monitor their exercising and quality of sleep. And if you play Pokemon Go, people are getting exercise more by walking around trying to find whatever it is they need to take over a gym or gem, (I don’t know much about it, can you tell? LOL)


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