My Simple Pleasures F: Fun with Friends

One of “My Simple Pleasures” starting with F is “Fun with Friends.” I have several friends with whom I enjoy various activities; activities like eating lunch out or going to movies or talking about various things. But there is one friend I get to do all of these things with and more. She is like a sister.

We have been friends since about 2006. We have traveled to Busch Gardens, Asheboro Zoo in North Carolina about once a year and half way across North Carolina to see her granddaughter when she is with her mother.  We have been on several beach trips with family and other friends. We flew to Boulder, Colorado once, where we ate at a Moroccan restaurant and attended a Fall Festival. We love funny movies and have been known to act unbelievably goofy.

We have had a lot of experiences in common. She is a night shift nurse; I am a retired night shift nurse. We both have sons the same age. She is 10 years younger than I am but we both act like we are the same age. We always have a lot of fun. Yet we give each other advice and can tell each other how we really feel about a problem. I love my other great friends too but don’t get to travel with them like I have with D. So here are some photos of us while on some of the trips mentioned above. She is a clown and is not afraid to laugh at herself or me either. She has become a sister to me and a very dear friend.

These are pictures mostly of D or both of us and the zaniness we can get into.


Antics with a T-Rex Puppet at the zoo.
Antics with a T-Rex Puppet at the zoo.








Friends on a baby elephant statue at the zoo.








Hanging with her chipmunk friends.









Me at Old Salem, NC








Just give her a broom!








Friends on the back of a rhino statue.









Pirates at Renaissance Fair











She found her prince frog.




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