The Joy That Grandsons Bring

My First Grandbaby
My First Grandbaby After Birth.

There are several simple pleasures I never had until over two years ago when I knew my life would change. I became a grandmother.

He was born to my second son and his wife March 18th. After visiting during the early phases of labor and spending the night at their home.

I returned the next day hearing how the labor had started in earnest. We family members were asked to wait in the family waiting room when the final stages of labor became evident. Both of us grandmothers waited eagerly to hear that all was well.

We waited over an hour before we were sent a text by my son that L was born, and confirming that everything went well. But the proud parents wanted an hour to have him to themselves to bond with him. Then it was we grandmothers’ turn to claim our bonding period with him. I hadn’t held a newborn in many years; and never held my own grandchild before.

Earlier this year the second grandson was born, with a different hair color, complexion and temperament. F is one chill baby unless he gets hungry or tired. He sucks on his middle and third finger and has refused since birth any kind of nipple except his his mother’s.

Here are some of the moments of happiness they brought to me.

1. Seeing the happiness of my son and his wife as they stared in wonder at every inch of their beautiful bodies, knowing that they were a little bit of each of them. They couldn’t take their eyes off of them.

2. Seeing the new parents enjoy the sensation of touching their new creations: gently feeling the top of their heads; stroking their faces; extending a “finger for them to grasp reflexively; stroking of the soft baby skin; inhaling the wonder of the newborn scent. All of these things I saw and remembered how I felt when I held my first baby. Even the pride of both that he was so perfect and beautiful was a delight to behold.

3. Seeing how calm my son and daughter were as they started fulfilling their responsibilities as parents. Both feeding, diaper changing and comforting L and F when they cried for their needs to be met. Hearing and seeing  my son being a good husband and father.

4. When my first grandson was handed to me I enjoyed those pleasures of touch, sight and smell. I kissed his cheeks, forehead, hands, and feet and loved him instantly. My joy at this beautiful sight, caused my tears of joy to overflow. A new life had been given to the world.

When F was born I was so happy to help rock and tend to the baby while my daughter-in-law slept. I loved the same features he had that I loved about L.

5. My mind ran ahead as I began to think about the future excitedly. I want to be near them often but not intrusively in their family life. I want to help when they need a baby sitter, be near to them so I can be a part of the babies’ world and share in the wonders of seeing babies change into a children, adolescents, teenagers, young adults and on and on.

6. I dreamed, as they grow, of teaching them wisdom from my years of experience.; sharing some of the wonders I know about animals, insects and life. I also want to teach them so they have the same wonder I felt when I learned about the other life forms on our planet. And I would  see everything through their eyes and share that wonder anew. Life will be renewed often for this senior citizen.

7. I started thinking of what books I would read to them; times I would play with them; wonder what I would feel as I watched them grow into men someday. But for right now, he is my first grandson, my first baby grandson. I know he will be loved by everyone. But he only has two grandmothers. I am one of them. We grandmothers have a special kind of love to give.

8. The feelings of love, dedication to being a part of his life fills me with new purpose. I will be a helper, grandmother, babysitter, teacher, playmate and everything I can be as only a grandmother can. I feel so blessed and happy to be a part of his life.

I have had a good life. Now I look forward even more to the rest of my life as I continue to watch my sons and daughters (in law) grow and develop their relationships. Now I have another being to watch grow and develop. Hmm, maybe someday there will be more grand-babies. L may have a sister or brother some day. But I am content with as many is given to me.

Here he is now at almost one year old!

Grandson #! at 1 year old.
Grandson #! at 1 year old.

13 thoughts on “The Joy That Grandsons Bring

  1. You are in for a treat. I lost my heart to my darling grandson when he was born two years ago. He brings me endless joy and love. I’m smitten. Such an exciting time for you all. Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty

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  2. I have my first grandbaby (a girl) due in 2 weeks and I’m very much looking forward to her arrival. We live a reasonable distance away so won’t be nearby to babysit or drop in, but hopefully we’ll see her regularly – and there’s always Skype for the in between times – congrats on your new arrival x Leanne @ cresting the hill


      1. And five times the exhaustion when I look after them! Haha, I don’t really look after them all at once. My eldest son has three boys and my younger one, two girls.

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