My Simple Pleasures: L=Laughter

What is the cheapest, most contagious, most healthy activity for the body, mind and spirit that you can do that doesn’t even involve sweating and exercise? Laughter!!

While still a child I imbibed in this addiction daily. My father loved to use a sense of humor to alleviate fear and sometimes pain. When I was about 4 I fell and bumped my head on the floor. I was crying until Daddy looked at the floor and pointed out a crack where my head had supposedly struck the floor. He teasingly told me that my hard head had made that crack. Astonished I paused and looked and was quite amazed at how hard my head must have been. Then I realized he was teasing me and laughed!

Daddy always said, “If you can laugh at yourself, you will always have plenty to laugh about.” Well, Lord knows I did a lot of laughing at myself, when it wasn’t too serious of a faux pas. (That’s blunder or booboo in French.)

Growing up with one sister two years after I was born, then 6 years later a brother and 12 years later another sister we had plenty of things to laugh about. Dinner time was a riot with a brother who could make faces at the youngest sister and make her laugh so hard and so long that Moma would send her to her room to “get a grip.” (Not even mentioning the times we spewed our drink or food from laughing so hard.)

We were raised on Red Skeleton, Lucille Ball and other comedians of that ilk. We loved Bugs Bunny, Pepe LaPew.  Wile E Coyote and Roadrunner always made us laugh when the poor starving critter ended with disaster from his failed plans to capture the clever Roadrunner. (Now I feel sorry for the coyote but wonder why he didn’t chose a food source that was easier to capture!)

All of my sisters and brother live over 5 hours or more away from me now. But recently we had a reunion at our brother and sister-in-law’s home. I don’t know which of us is the funniest. But our brother is the most clever at teasing his older and younger sisters.

On Facebook he posted a picture of two little girls dressed from the 1930s and commented that there his two sisters were in the front of the picture! We older sisters weren’t born until after the 1950s!! Then there are his comments about how if there had been a swamp nearby, he could have become an only child. Boy is he a funny guy! His wife is almost as funny!!

As I grew up I found that I have a sense of humor that ranges from silly, to goofy, to outrageous and back to silly again. My best friend and I go to movies and sometimes laugh so hard that we cry. Or we laugh out so loud, it’s a wonder we aren’t escorted out of the theater.

They say laughter is the best medicine. Well, in many ways it is. When you are afraid or anxious or sometimes scared, if you can make a silly sentence that begins with: “Well at least I didn’t….” or “Well, it could be worse, I could have…” and fill in the blank with something funny it may alleviate some of what ails you.

I found as a nurse that laughter (placed carefully and appropriately) could lessen some of the stress in a patient’s mind. I had one patient who had been homeless, was diabetic, had had multiple admissions for many health problems. She had little trust for the staff and was always accusing us of being negligent. As one of my efforts to gain her trust and provide excellent care for her I had to replace her regular hospital bed with a weight bed. Another staff member and I were switching the beds around in a narrow room when her bed would not move any further. We realized her bed had not been unplugged. I commented, “Well, I guess it would help if I unplugged the bed.” The patient actually smiled! I couldn’t believe it!

When you are meeting someone for the first time, what better way to see them than laughing or even smiling. (Of course I realize there are inappropriate times for laughter.) I like people almost instantly who have smile lines on their faces, around their eyes and mouths. If a person has smiled or laughed that much, they can’t be all bad.

So to insure that you smile or laugh at my post, I will share this brief video. If you don’t smile or laugh, there is a lot of pain in your world and I am very sorry. Hope you enjoy it!                           Made you laugh!!

9 thoughts on “My Simple Pleasures: L=Laughter

  1. Enjoyed your post very much and smiling is actually very good medicine. Just the act of moving the muscles in your face releases the endorphins in your brain that cause relaxation. There is even a laughter meditation.😊 Always Look On The Sunny Side Of Life….

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  2. Yes; I laughed!!! It is not simple “laugh” I I had my dose of medicine! It is said “laughter is the medicine”. Thanks and congrats.


    1. Thank you for affirming that I am reaching people and adding some joy and laughter to this world! That is my biggest goal now. I love this mission!! I love what you said!!! Thank you again!


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