My Simple Pleasure That Starts with U: Upstate SC

A simple pleasure I enjoy is going to my home town in Upstate South Carolina. I was born in Greenville and grew-up there in a loving family. The first 22 years of my life were spent there, getting my education from first grade through nurses training. My husband and I met there too.

Greenville is at the foot of the Great Smoky Mountains. My family thought nothing of driving an hour on Saturdays to the beautiful mountains, where parks, scenery, fall leaves and amazing views could be enjoyed. You can see why I would get excited when I go visit Upstate SC and see those great mountains in the distance.

Over the years I have taken many pictures of my Upstate home and surrounding areas. These are pictures of some of my favorite places to go while I visit family there.

The mountains my family visited include a South Carolina mountain Table Rock; a granite protrusion that stands 4100 feet at its highest point. It can be seen from The Mountain Bridge and Wilderness Recreation Area of South Carolina.

Table Rock, NC as seen from SC.
Table Rock, SC as seen from SC.

Next is a photo of the outline of Greenville as seen from the same site.

Greenville, SC from Mountain Ridge Wilderness Park
Greenville, SC from Mountain Ridge Wilderness Park


Although I have lived in other states, Louisiana, Mississippi, and now North Carolina, I always love to go back to Upstate South Carolina where now all that is left of my family still living there is my brother and his family and my aunt. I live about a 5 hour drive away, but about every 1-2 months I go back to my home town.

I am proud of the changes made in Upstate SC, more specifically Greenville over the last 40 years. Originally it was Cherokee land bought by man named Pearis in 1770 before the Revolutionary War.  After the war he was run off because he sided with the British. His buildings and grist mill were destroyed and his land divided amongst patriots from the war. Enough history, except to say that at one time Greenville claimed to be the Textile Center of the South.

I lived there from 1951-1973. The changes started taking place in 1966. Now look at these photos of the new and improved store fronts, shady downtown Main Street with European sidewalk tables in front of restaurants.

Downtown Greenville's tree shaded Main Street.
Downtown Greenville’s tree shaded Main Street.

I remember the Reedy River as the place where dead branches, dead trees, and trash ended up at the waterfall. It was contaminated by the local mills too. To me the biggest change has been to the Reedy River Falls which now is a park. It is a place where wedding pictures are taken; where families go out on the rocks and splash in the shallow waters. The Liberty Bridge was built slightly downstream and across from  the biggest waterfall of several. There are lush gardens, sandy beaches, green shady areas to sit and enjoy nature and so many other fun things people find to do there.

Scenes from the Reedy River Suspension Bridge.
Scenes from the Reedy River Suspension Bridge.


Looking up river from the water fall by the bridge.
Looking up river from the water fall by the bridge.


Bridge over the Reedy River is 344 feet long.
Bridge over the Reedy River is 344 feet long.


Shady paths can be seen around the Reedy River Falls Park.
Shady paths can be seen around the Reedy River Falls Park.


Greenville's Root Tree is said to be a 70 years old Beech tree.
Greenville’s Root Tree is said to be a 70 year old Beech tree.

Greenville has so much history, a very active Arts group and all kinds of stores just downtown, not to mention many suburbs with their own shopping areas. With so many beautiful sights to see, history to explore, mountains to drive in and shopping to do I would highly recommend a week long trip to explore the Upstate of South Carolina.

By the way, I want to thank my sister in law for the idea to use Upstate!! Good job, Dagmar!!

12 thoughts on “My Simple Pleasure That Starts with U: Upstate SC

  1. Before I moved to Los Angeles 25 years ago I lived on the other side of the Smokies near Knoxville, TN. Love that part of the country and go back at least once a year since I still have siblings living there. I’d like to move back someday.

    I’ve been to Greenville a number of times. Played shows there when I was touring with a stage show and when I was a teen played the Shrine Circus at an old baseball field with my family’s juggling act. Don’t recall much about the town as we were usually just there for a show and gone after we were done.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

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    1. I too live at the foot of the Smokey Mountains, (Appalachian Trail) but on the Tennessee side. I love the mountains. My husband and I have enjoyed the mountains from the North Carolina, Virginia and Tennessee side. We have only passed through the Georgia and South Carolina sides. Your writing makes me want to experience it from your hometown view!

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      1. Wow! We have a lot of similar loves. A large part of my life was within view of those mountains, but from the South Carolina side. The blog I wrote about the blizzard of 92(?) took place in Columbia, NC near Tryon, 20-30 miles south of Asheville. I will always love the mountains! In fact you just inspired me!! I must write about my childhood trips with my family to Asheville and Brevard!!

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    1. Thank you!! I haven’t lived there in over 39 years but it makes me appreciate the progress and its appearance even more when I come for a visit. So glad you like the blogpost!!


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