My Simple Pleasure Y: Youthful Attitude

Joyful2bee MEE
Joyful2bee MEE



I believe that having a youthful attitude toward life influences our health, happiness, friendships, attitudes, and lives in general. I have been accused of being a bit of a goofball in the past and occasionally now. But I think that ability to be silly sometimes has disguised my aging body into looking younger than I am. People often tell me that I look like I am in my 50’s. I am almost 66.

In the past more so than now I often said and did things that other women my age didn’t do. I climbed a tree at 38 years old, (but won’t do that again!) I still wear blue jeans in the fall and winter. I wear long skirts or summer dresses in the summer in spite of my less than svelte body. For years I have been driving my car alone for 5 hours to my hometown in South Carolina to see my brother and his family. Many women my age are astonished that I would do such a thing by myself; driving on highways through and near large towns.

My choice of friends has also kept me younger I believe. My best friend and two of my other dearest friends are 10 years younger than I am. They also thought I was their age or younger when they met me. But I have an 80 year old friend who acts like a 60 year old too, so I think I just attract young people or am attracted to younger acting people.

So how does one maintain a youthful attitude without looking like a “wannabe young woman”? Well, I have an open mind to new ideas, new people, new places to see, new attitudes towards myself and to aging. I am not ashamed of my graying blonde hair. I am not ashamed of my wrinkles, non-athletic body, and my joy for life. After facing death several times I have a sincere joy and love of life and living, and not just mine but the lives of others and other creatures.

That attitude helped me survive when my husband’s personality changed from the ravages of undiagnosed and later poorly controlled diabetes; and later the changes from mini strokes, (we didn’t know until he had a major stroke 9 years before his death).

I wanted to be happy, I wanted to enjoy life, learn, live, and be me. The yearning for that joy kept me going when times got tough. Sure I got depressed, angry, frustrated and down on myself. But I came out of it and kept on going! I knew I needed to be positive even when I was feeling kind of negative about life in general.

I have to admit that being 32 when I had my first son may have been an influencing factor too. I watched the Teenage Mutant Turtles, Mr. Rogers and the other kid shows with him. Since we lived in the country for most of his first 8 years and there were few kids near our home, I played with him, read to him, took him to the zoo, the park, and other activities.

When he became a teenager I learned about music that was different from what I had grown up with. Some of it I didn’t care for, but some of it I liked a lot. He was interested in certain authors and after hearing him talk about some of them and how good they were, I read some of them too. When he got a laptop computer I learned things from him about what to do and not to do for safety reasons on a computer.

When he became an adult, I met many of his friends, who often called me Mom. I hugged them like my kids, and even helped my son move with their help. I later even drove the 20 foot U-Haul truck to move his belongings when he moved in with his girlfriend, now fiance’! He trusted me because I had driven one when I moved the year before! I enjoyed many of his friends when I met them on different occasions.

I love to learn about new inventions, new music, new styles, new ideas and ways to do things done the same way for years. I enjoy using the internet to learn things that I used to have to use an encyclopedia to discover. I can look up how to fix things and how things work that I never had access to in the past! What an amazing invention, the computer/internet.

Another factor in my anti-aging life is my love for myself, people, nature, plants, bugs, and life in general. The discoveries being made in science, the new inventions being created to improve our lives all excite and interest me.

But one attitude that contributes to my youthfulness is being thankful to God for my life, my experiences that made me to be me, my family, friends, pets, health (I do have problems but they are not insurmountable), my childhood and parents and siblings, who still are very dear to me.

Yes, sometimes I feel weighed down by the pain, destruction and hatred that exists in the world. But gradually I am learning to do what I can do in the place I am to help where I am able to help. I can not save the world from world hunger, diseases and disasters. But I can do what I can do. That is my goal now. To make a difference where I can. Perhaps realizing and accepting my own limitations also makes me feel younger too.

7 thoughts on “My Simple Pleasure Y: Youthful Attitude

  1. I did youthful as my word for the atoz today too – it’s such a wonderful trait to have because it keeps you interesting and interested in others. I hope more midlifers choose to stay young at heart – it’ll save the world from a lot of grumpy old ladies! Leanne @ cresting the hill


  2. I like that you touched on so many different areas that are affected by attitude! Your youthful attitude energized me today, thanks! Driving a U-Haul truck sounds very gutsy to me! I especially appreciated your comments on how disease can change personality – something to watch out for with sensitivity and information.

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