Growth and Pants By Melodie Elaine Estes

And now for something a little different. I wrote this poem for my oldest son when he was about seven or eight. He is now a 6’6″ adult.

Shopping for pants for my son

Is considered by him not fun.

But he’s smart enough to let me know

The pants, unlike him, do not grow.

Before his pants have time to fade,

Before he’s gone through one whole grade,

It’s:”Mom, my jeans are just too tight!”

I look at him and know he’s right.

The jeans we buy fit well at first,

But then begins the growing spurts.

Each leg extends below its cuff.

His tummy hasn’t room enough.

The pants prevent a good full meal,

They are so tight, his legs can’t feel.

No more room for him to grow.

So he, like me, knows where we go.

Off we go to the clothing store.

To replace the pants he just wore.

They all carry Wranglers, Levis, Lee,

Rustlers or Bugle boy for him to see.

First we look for a proper fit

So when he squats they will not split.

One pair is long enough but is too tight.

The next pair’s color is not right.

Finally he decides on two pair.

The black ones he can’t wait to wear.

They match his coat and jackets too.

As well as the shirts: red, green and blue.

He wears his new black jeans to school,

Knowing that he looks quite cool.

The blue ones look sharp and he can not wait

To wear the jacket that looks so great.

But I know about his growing rate,

And soon again I hear him state:

“I need new pants. These are too tight.”

I look at him and know he’s right.

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