My Black Cat Is Not Bad Luck

  1. Since this Friday is the 13th and connected to the superstition that black cats bring bad luck; are evil; are connected to witches, or even the devil, I decided some clarification was needed! I happen to know from experience that they are not evil! To help dispel the falsehoods, I am introducing you to Norie. The name comes from the Japanese name Nori, the black algae used to wrap sushi. I am one of the growing number of people who admire and love black cats. (I love all cats but am partial to black ones). So here is the one and only Norie, living in my city. (As far as I know. lol)

Norie, a companion for me

Norie belonged to my second son and his wife for a year before she came to me. When my son told me of how many pets they had in their one bedroom apartment and how swamped they were, I asked if I could have Norie since I had been thinking about getting a cat after my husband died. I knew from previous visits with them that Norie was a perfect fit for me.

A sick, black, baby kitten

Norie started out as a blue eyed baby at a rescue site. She had cat herpes, common among feral cats, which causes matting of the eyes and sneezing. If not treated the herpes, can lead to blindness and respiratory infections. With the good care my son and his wife gave her, she was in good health and quite active.

Pepper, Norie’s surrogate mother

Black kitten snuggled to silver cat.
Baby Norie with surrogate mother, Pepper.

Their elderly cat, Pepper, was Norie’s surrogate mother. Norie was curious about everything and observed her humans as they carried out their day to day routines.

When I first saw Norie I was impressed with her friendliness, curiosity and playfulness. I later learned of some of her very entertaining behaviors. Since I never owned a cat, I had no idea what I was in for until she joined me in my home. Also I added an “e” to her name to make it Norie. She was playful and interested in everything.

Black cat with golden eyes.
Big gold eyed, big eared black Norie.

Curiosity Killed the Cat?

Black cat watching from above.
Norie watched me from on top of the cabinets.

Norie has an amazing curiosity. In my old home she would climb up on the refrigerator and then up on the top of the cabinets around my kitchen. I noticed the care she took to walk between baskets on the shelf without knocking them down. She would then perch above me and watch as I loaded the dishwasher or cooked. She seemed to find me as fascinating as I found her to be.

 Norie has several hobbies.

Norie with her mixed prizes.
Wonder how many more I can get under the refrigerator.

Straws, and plastic things

Her eyes light up and she silently meows or gives a little squeak when she sees a straw. In the past she has pulled straws out of cups left on the counter at night. Then she stuffs them under the refrigerator along with bottle caps, a shiny stone, bread bag ties and anything long and plastic.

I saw her reaching under the frig once and assumed she was trying to reach something so I “helped” her. She pushed it right back under the refrigerator.

I bought ping pong balls, which ended up hidden in various places that I couldn’t find.


Black cat smiling at bubbles.
Should I try to eat it or pop it?


She loves for me to blow bubbles for her and watches with wonder as they float down but then suddenly will pounce on one just right for popping.

 Soaking up Sunshine

Black cat sleeping in sunshine.
That sun light feels so good!!

Sunshine is like a sleeping pill for her. Lying in the sun coming through a window or door can put her out quickly. Of course cats sleep a large portion of their day.

 Norie is a huntress

Black cat with gold eyes watching from the window.
I will catch one of those birds some day!

Windows with a view to the outdoors where birds, squirrels and lizards live add a lot to her life. She is always the huntress. I have seen her catch and eat silverfish, a cricket, a spider and other bugs. She has several times been delighted to bring in a lizard from the garage and more recently from the screened in porch. The poor lizard had lost its tail while trying to escape from Norie. Norie doesn’t eat them, she just wants to hunt and play with them.

At our old home another hobby was to stay in the garage, which was full of boxes. It was her box jungle! She would climb on things and even sleep out there sometimes during the day. Now she enjoys our screened in porch and a closer and more personal view of the lizards, birds and bugs.

Norie Communicates without a word.

Norie is one cat who decides how much petting she gets. She sometimes comes to me and purrs or just sits there staring at me. I pick her up and she purrs quite loudly. But then after a few minutes of rubbing her nose and stroking her black hair, she starts twitching her tail quickly. I put her down because I know she is overstimulated. I pay attention to her “stop it!” signs. If I try to pet her when she is on the table or couch beside me when she wants me to stop she puts her paw on my hand and pushes it down. I respect her request and stop.

If she wants a treat she goes to the cabinet door below the one with the treats and partially opens the cabinet door which springs shut quickly with a bang because of the spring mechanism. She does this repeatedly until I come to give her a treat!

She also has the most peculiar way of communicating. Sometimes she looks at me and moves her mouth like she is meowing but no sound comes out. I am still trying to figure out what she is saying. When I can’t figure out by deduction what she wants (food, outside on the porch, treat, or petting) I ask her what she wants and follow her to the cabinet door, the porch door or the door to the hallway of our condominium building. She leads me to her desired destination with a very determined gait and a periodic glance back at me to be sure she hasn’t lost me.

She is having a long and interesting life. Stay tuned for friend, Sister, a drug reaction, and feline asthma onset; and more pictures!


25 thoughts on “My Black Cat Is Not Bad Luck

  1. That silent meow is a call to arms…it means that the human MUST get up NOW and follow to “fix” whatever the problem is. Fascinating animals, cats. I have had at least 6 dozen over my lifetime.and have two now.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I never had cats before but have been around them. One funny book I read said the silent meow meant that their need was so great they couldn’t put it into words. Makes sense actually. Love my two girls!! Thanks for the comments!

      Liked by 1 person

          1. And she keeps dropping hints from time to time! MAYBE…if our conditions improve… But a dog–even a little one–needs walking (which my disabled wife finds hard to do) and there are lots of fleas and ticks around this area! ALAS…!

            Liked by 1 person

    1. Well, one poor lizard was recently not allowed that dignity. I was on the phone and saw Norie and Sister toying with something. To my horror they had killed one. I felt bad about it but things like that happen in the wild too. Still feel bad that I didn’t rescue it.


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