But Keep the Old

On Facebook the other day, I saw this quote posted by Andrea Sigler on “Word Porn.” I am unable to find the author of this quote but it has been used many times on other sites. I found it interesting that a recent re-connection with an old friend exemplified its message.

From Word Porn by Andrea Sigler
From Word Porn

I read the quote and thought of K, a nurse I knew over sixteen years ago. Being nurses on the night shift, sharing common interests and both having sons close to the same age, we became good friends. Soon, as happens too often in our mobile society, one or both of us moved far away and we lost touch.

K recently found me through Facebook and we had a delightful conversation of reminiscing and catching up. She mentioned that she still had a mug I gave her for her birthday one year and she still uses it, sixteen or more years later.

Upon seeing the quote I shared the above quote with her on Facebook because of the mug I gave her and the reference to giving a “favorite mug” to someone. I had forgotten what was on the mug so she sent me a picture of it.

Nurses are the Best Mug
Nurses are the Best Mug

Then as we continued messaging about old times, K mentioned that she had given me a recipe for Russian Tea. I had forgotten who gave that recipe to me!

I used that recipe so many times that I can still list the ingredients by heart! That tea mix was used every time my son or I had a cold or sore throat! It was delightfully warming on cold wintry days too!

What a wonderful coincidence that we renewed our friendship, though long distance, and warmed our hearts with these delightful memories. But the reminder of our influence on the world and especially those around us came through clearly by the joy we had given each other through a simple mug and a recipe, in spite of distance and passage of time.


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