A Point System To Help The Blues

I want to preface this by stating if you are receiving psychological help or anti-depressant medicines, do not stop either of them until you are cleared. I am not a trained psychiatrist or psychologist. But I do want to help wherever possible to make someone’s load lighter, as does Ms. vanNiekerk. This post is offered as encouragement to those in a tough period of their lives.
The Storm Moves In
The Storm Moves In
Sharon van Niekerk is a beautiful and wise woman, who has faced many adversities. I met her on a
Facebook group of supportive women who are helping each other get through rough times or just find their strengths and learn to love themselves.
She shared with others a point system she devised and used to help her find more joy in her life when she was depressed. I thought it was so clever that I wanted to share it here.
Here is her advice.
“When i get down, and I have hit rock bottom, i remind myself to stop digging. Barefoot on the grass or toes in the sand connects you with the earth. I feel the energy returning. Sending you balls of white light xxx. I make a mental list of things that make me happy and assign a score to it. E.g. I love purple so if i wear a purple something i get 5 points. A nice cup of tea 5 points. Talking to my boys on the phone 20 points. Etc. if i make 100 points a day it’s been a good day.”
Sharon said it just came to her when she was recovering from being in a “dark place” and was trying to use gratefulness to bring her out of the hole.
She shared:
 There are so many things – like when you walk into your regular coffee shop and they know you take a small skinny hot chocolate with one white marshmallow.
When asked if I could share her wonderful idea, through her reply, her peace and joyful attitude shone through:
 Sharing the love is at least 20 points! Xxx
Thank you, Sharon van Niekerk, for allowing me to share this on my blog. I hope it will spread and help others who are facing dark times and dark places.
Life is worth living.

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