I Was a Cat this Morning

After six and a half hours I awoke to the sounds of harsh winds blowing against my windows. I heard the rain pelting the sidewalk just outside those windows.  My two cats reminded me it was time for their food.

I knew it was going to be a day that would make anyone, if allowed to, stay inside, where it was warm and dry. Thinking about the tasks I needed to do, I decided to go ahead and wake up.

The cats were fed and given their medicines; a load of clothes transferred from the washer to the dryer; the already loaded dishwasher started and my day began. Or so I thought.

While eating breakfast I watched some of the news to be sure that my country hadn’t been attacked by some evil foe and that my world was basically no different than the day before. All was the same except for the weather.

So I sat in my chair and thought of my options. I looked for and saw my two cats sleeping. One cat, Sister, was sprawled lazily on the right corner of the foot of my bed gently snoring.

Gray take cat asleep.

Sister asleep.

The other cat, Norie, was at the top right corner, also sleeping. Earlier I attempted to make up the bed, but left Norie to sleep with the bed covers up to “her” corner. Who could awaken a beloved, sleeping pet???

Sleeping black cat
I didn’t want to wake her up.

I looked at the clock and realized it was two hours before I needed to shower and go somewhere. Why was I trying to figure out what I should do next?

I began to feel drowsy as I looked at Norie and Sister, still slumbering as only cats can. They were smarter than I was! That’s when I knew what I should do.

I decided to be a cat for at least an hour and snuggle back under the covers. Since they were both on the right side of the bed I climbed into the bed from the other side.

As I nestled in close to Norie, Sister got up and lay down at the head of the bed on my left side. We lay blissfully unaware of the weather, the world or future events of the day.

Yep, I was a cat, sleeping peacefully; just another cat lying between two other felines for close to an hour. What a way to really start my day!

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