Who Am I?

Joyful2bee MEE
Joyful2bee MEE


I embrace my kookiness! I am me!

I love myself, people, animals and life.

I am a spiritual woman who is not afraid of new ideas and willing to learn and adapt.

I struggle occasionally with some anxiety but it is under control.

I am open minded, respectful and accepting of others’ cultures and religions.

I love this Earth and pray for her and her inhabitants. I respect and treasure all life. But don’t allow harmful lives into my life or my home.

I love the One responsible for making this Earth, whether it be by design and/or evolution or whatever explanation there is.

I am a thankful, caring, loving person who wants peace, both inner and outer for all.

I do have trouble forgiving anyone who is cruel or purposefully negligent of a dependent, whether wife, husband, child, animal, sentient being or an Innocent of the world. I try to believe those who enjoy the suffering of others are sick or broken in some horrible way. I try to pray that they will find the way to healing and peace someday. But I admit i don’t pray this often enough.

I try to make a difference in the world by making a difference in the little part of the world that I live in by being kind, helpful, non judgmental, supportive, friendly and positive as often as possible.

I try to show the love of God to others and believe we, as a world are one dysfunctional family who needs to find more love and acceptance for each other.

I cherish the beauty and wonder of the little things in life: the softness of a cat’s fur; the laughter of children; the beauty of a sunrise; the amazing way a spider knows how to spin its web. There are so many life forms that survive in such wondrous ways.

I am thankful for my life and the growth and development of myself: scars, wrinkles, joys, sorrows, and all of the experiences I have had. They all merged into one person and made me me!

I am grateful to the multitudes of people who are making a difference! Those who are kind and thoughtful, compassionate and empathetic. To those who go the extra mile to help others, may you be blessed.

I am grateful to those who love the often unlovable, the elderly, the sick, the grumpy: you will grow spiritually and as a human, whether you are able to impact their lives or not. By your own gained wisdom, patience and understanding you too will make the world a better place just by being you.

I am thankful to all who are working in positive ways to make our Earth a better place.

I am frequently amazed at this world and the lives of its inhabitants, which are so varied in culture, religion, and lifestyle. We are a family. We are “wondrously made.”

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