My Cats: Norie and Sister

Two of my favorite companions are my two cats, Norie and Sister. Norie is my black cat and Sister is my grey tabby with white collar and stockings. They were both rescue cats before their first owners gave them to me.

They keep me company by entertaining me with their games, mannerisms, and amazing communication skills. Their varied locations and positions for sleeping are amusing too. We have a lovely screened in porch where they love to lie on the cool cement and bask in the sun’s warmth. They sit on the little patio table or a chair to get a better view of birds, lizards or bugs.

Occasionally the stairs of our condominium building provide them and myself a safe, warm, dry place to exercise. Norie knows most of the other people who live in the building and will greet most of them. Sister runs for our propped open door if we are out in the hall and the building’s door opens.

Norie is mischievous, playful, curious, overweight and has asthma for which she gets an inhaler twice a day. She doesn’t like to be held unless she jumps up in my lap to ask for a few strokes on her thick, black hair.

When she starts staring at my hand, flattening her ears or switching her tail rapidly I know she needs to get down. She loves to stalk and scare Sister occasionally. The story of Norie and how I was given to her can be found at:

I am beautiful and I know it.
I am beautiful and I know it.

Norie is fascinated by bubble soap bubbles floating through the air. Usually she will watch them as they fall but then starts popping them.

Black cat smiling at bubbles.
Should I try to eat it or pop it?

One of Norie’s favorite pastimes is lying on her back and looking at the world upside-down! She does this on the couch, on the floor before I leave, (to get attention I think), on the porch or anywhere. When I sit on the bed to put my shoes on she looks just like the picture below but more sprawled out. She wants me to play with her before I go.

Happy Norie Chilling
Happy Norie Chilling

Recently as I was drifting off to sleep I heard this pitiful little querulous meow. I rushed to the living room worrying that she might be sick or having an asthma attack. When I found her lying on the floor looking at me, I wondered why she had done that.

The next few nights she made the same sounds but when I checked on her, she was carrying the long fuzzy toy on a stick. The long, red fuzzy part was in her mouth and the stick part was being drug own the hall with her legs straddling the stick, reminding me of a large tiger or lion dragging its large prey to a tree or secluded spot.

She seemed very proud of herself. Then she did the same thing each night. By the end of several nights there was a pile of toys at the foot of my bed. Suddenly I realized she wanted me to play with her! So of course I obliged.

Sister is very content to stretch out in my lap and sleep. Lying in the window in a sunbeam is another favorite pastime. She is very timid with other people and startles easily. She has a unique gift for finding hiding places in plain sight. She is a very gentle, sweet soul and has never tried to scratch or bite me, even in playing.

She has gained a lot of confidence since I was given to her. She now initiates chasing games with Norie and will sometimes defend her spot in the sun. Everyday at least once Norie plops down in front of Sister for the “I’m not touching you” game. Sister tolerates the waving paws of Norie for about one minute. Then Norie gently taps Sister’s chin and Sister tears into her for 2 seconds and then runs away. I do not know why they do this or why Sister doesn’t just get up and walk away. Who knows?

Norie playing "I'm not touching you."                Norie playing “I’m not touching you” with unamused Sister.

Sister’s story can be found at:


Sweet Sister
Sweet Sister


Sister, comfy on a bathroom shelf.
Sister, comfy on a bathroom shelf.


Two cats in the window.
An uneasy alliance.

They each seem to have lessons for me to learn. Norie teaches me to get up and play. Be curious, and enjoy my friends. Sister teaches me to rest, stroke warm fuzzy kitties, and stop running around crazy trying to do things that can wait, especially when I am tired already.

I do love my two cats.

27 thoughts on “My Cats: Norie and Sister

  1. Great choice for A to Z challenge. I enjoy cats a well, even though I only have a couple of feral cats that someone dropped in the bush on the farm. I can now touch one of them after about three months of feeding them.
    I can see by your post and photos how much pleasure they give you.
    Happy days.

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  2. Such cute and sweet cats!

    I have two kitties as well Joyful. But our’s are brothers that were abandoned at a vets office so they have been “buddies” since birth. The folks at the vet’s were so happy that we wanted to adopt both of them – they didn’t want to have to split up the act. And they’ve turned out to be the sweetest, friendliest cat’s we’ve ever owned. Oh my, but they can be naughty at times… You know how brothers can be! 🙂

    You’ve inspired me to write about cats at some point! Thanks!

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    1. Thank you!! Glad to help! i wish these two were related, but at least they have gotten closer over the years.I always thought I was a dog person. But my life is slower and I never know when I will be gone for a weekend to see family,or my back be messed up. Cats adapt so well while I am gone and are so glad when I get back. Makes me feel good.

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      1. I currently don’t have any animals, because at this point it would be unfair of me to not be able to provide for them. I am not financially sound at the moment, so until I am I just have to enjoy other peoples pets. There should be stiff laws and fines for puppy mill owners, but I would imagine that is not a priority for lawmakers.

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