Thankful for Home Sweet Home

My home is my place of rest and peace; an expression of my personality and a safe haven from the stresses of the world. I love to travel and get out of the “house” every day. But I am always so thankful to come back home! It is a part of me now.

Four years after an often stressful and occasionally tumultuous marriage and later the death of my husband I set out to reclaim my life and my home. I wanted a calm environment in which to heal and to grow old. I sold my three bedroom house with many beautiful trees that shed many beautiful leaves to be raked and a yard that needed care; and bought a two bedroom condominium. I started with a clean slate and to make this new home mine

After seeing “Shogun,” “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “The Last Emperor” and other such movies I was fascinated by the  backgrounds and feel of the locations of the movies, such as the homes and their furnishings and the cultures they exemplified.

I bought a book and taught myself a little about Chinese Watercolor; took a class on Feng Shui; studied Bonsai trees and read some about the history and cultures of Japan and China.

The idea of a peaceful, balanced environment being conducive to a peaceful mind and life interested me. So I chose the Japanese/Chinese style to decorate my new home. (But there are also Native American pieces and mementos scattered amid the Oriental items.)

The muted but beautiful colors, the placement of plants and Bonsai trees, or statues of animals, the subtle lighting, the peaceful feel of how things are positioned joined together to give the ambiance of peace and tranquility in those movies. So I knew that was what I wanted in my new home.

I accumulated two Asian prints at thrift stores and decorated with a few strategically placed mirrors to simulate to a small degree, the calm of a Feng Shui home.

The black iron stand in the corner is at the end of the hall and holds mixed cultural symbols. There are a few Native American items as well because of my interest in their culture. Since some scientists believe that 80% of Native Americans shared origins with the present day Asian countries’ ancestors, these symbols seem to go together fairly well to me.

Some similarities exist between the stories and legends of both the Asian and Native American peoples. So I have a South American Indian Flute, and two dream catchers, along with two Asian dioramas carved from cork in black framed glass containers. The picture on the left is made from strips of what looks like bamboo and was my aunt’s.

At end of the hall these two hang over the stand.
Decorative Stand With Mixed Culture Items.
Decorative Stand With Mixed Culture Items.
Hexagonal carved cork diorama.

My two content cats add  purring or sometimes gentle snoring, which make them perfect additions to the peaceful feel of my home as well as a good Feng Shui energy.

Two sleeping cats

Cats may sleep 16-18 hours a day. Their purring has also been found to promote healing in bones, muscles and tendons; decrease swelling; lessen the chances of a heart attack for their owner by 40%; and promote relaxation and lowering of the blood pressure.

They are especially a positive factor in my peace and good health!! When one is sitting in my lap asleep or on the bed purring, I sometimes fall asleep too! This kind of calm environment is the one I want to grow old in.

For the bedroom and the living room I bought lamps that imitated the look of Nantou lamps, with shades that look like a woven material. I try to use sunlight when possible to provide a relaxing feeling in both my living room and bedroom. Also the furniture and lamps, and ornamental fans were the newest things I bought. You may notice the blankets on the couches and the covers on the arms of the couches; those are to help retard wear and tear of the couch material from my two cats.

Peaceful living room lighting.

Many of my friends have visited me in my home and  commented on the peaceful feeling here. One even said when she saw the living room picture that it made her want to take a nap!

Wall fans and Japanese style floor lamps
Wall fans and Japanese style floor lamps
Funny owl family to provide more animal energy.
Funny owl family to provide more animal energy.

But just so you know I am not taking all of this decorating too seriously I threw in something totally off the wall (LOL) into the decor. Well, actually owls are animals and represent animal energy. Oh well. I liked them so I put them on the wall by the front door.

My dining room is not used much so it was the last room I focused on. The black screen in the background was my aunt’s. It is a carved black wood with carved stone figures of birds and branches on it. I have always liked it and shared her interest in Asian beauty in decor.

Asian black wood screen with carved images.
Asian black wood screen with carved images.

Mirrors provide extra depth to some walls and help add light from the window and overhead light as well. All of my wall art and mirrors are from thrift stores and all were less than $30.

Mirror in the bedroom, reflecting the light of the window.
Mirror in the bedroom, reflecting the light of the window.

Art adds life and colors to the walls and adds nicely to the effect of calm beauty.

Peaceful scene print by Hero Nim, American artist with pseudonym.
Peaceful scene print by Hero Nim, American artist with pseudonym.
Lovely print of vase and dogwood branch.
Lovely print of vase and dogwood branch.

Making my home a place of peace and calm is a work of love and pride. I love my home and am thankful for the ability to make it such a peaceful place. I hope these photos convey my interest and pleasure in Oriental decor and the effects they can have on a home.

11 thoughts on “Thankful for Home Sweet Home

  1. Your home is lovely and you have achieved your goal. Many years ago when I left a very short but unhappy marriage, I bought a small cape cod house. I also wanted a place to heal. I remembered my home when I was very young and my grandmother’s home so I did my bedroom in lace and large florals. It worked. I also love Chinese watercolor. I took a class but it’s not as easy as it looks. I have an original that I bought almost 30 years ago and it’s still one of my favorites. It has a rabbit in it and the composition is unusual. We are planning to downsize within the next few years. When we do, I want to simplify. Less stuff but whatever we have should be very comfy and meaningful. Maybe I’ll go back to a nice Victorian bedroom but maybe not.

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    1. That sounds like a peaceful place indeed! I guess memories helped me figure out what I wanted to use as well. The Chinese watercolor was fun but one of my cats wanted to see and help me. I also realized that I didn’t have the time nor patience to practice and refine my abilities which were minimal. I too had to downsize but most of what I got rid of was my husband’s collections of books from theology to science fiction, to well lots of topics. Then there was the boxes of laser discs, beta video tapes, model trains, school papers from 40 years ago, clothes and we’ll a lot of things that only mattered to him.
      Glad you are enjoying and healing in your home. Thank you for commenting!!

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