So Thankful for Water

Water is one of the most wonderful creations. There are so many kinds of bodies of water and all are a vital part of our lives. Here is a list of 10 things that make me thankful for water.

1. On a hot day there’s nothing better than swimming in a pool of cool water or just drinking a tall glass of ice water.

2. After working hard or working out it feels so good to get into the warm water of a Jacuzzi or hot shower to soothe and relax sore muscles.

3. There are few sights more hypnotizing and calming than watching the ocean as its waves form, swell, and crash on the shore or beach. And then the sea life that washes ashore just adds to the wonder of it all.

Ocean waves coming ashore.
Ocean waves coming ashore.

4. There is another form of water which I find calming, beautiful, and fascinating: snow. The falling of the snow itself is a vision of peace and purity for some of us. I actually got to see it snow at Cape Hatteras, NC in March several years ago. It was amazing!

The silent beauty of snow.
The silent beauty of snow.

5. Although nobody enjoys a heavy rain in cold weather, I found it cooling and refreshing at several summer rock concerts. I have also been under a tin roof at camp as a youth and heard the rain pattering on the roof. It was amazing and made me fall asleep.

6. I love to take photographs of water when it is serving as a mirror, reflecting the beauty of a sunset or a shoreline in a small pond or ocean.

Another sunset at Top Sail, NC
Another sunset at Top Sail, NC

7. I do enjoy drinking water when the temperatures are hot.  But when it is cold I can make hot tea or coffee with water. Water has such a variety of uses for drinking and cooking as well.

8. There is a place in Cary, NC that has several wonderful water fountains. I love the sound and the sight of the water as it shoots out of little spouts into the air and then descends in ropy cords of clear sunshine like wetness into the fountain’s basin. Enjoy the beauty of them.

One large fountain at Waverly Place
One large fountain at Waverly Place

9. Water is so photogenic when it is flowing; it has so many different appearances when in motion. But by slowing a camera lens’ speed, spurts of water look different than one would expect.

Stream of water falling from water fountain.
Stream of water falling from water fountain.
Diamonds of sunlight in the water as it flows from the fountain.
Diamonds of sunlight in the water as it flows from the fountain.

10. There is something purifying, healing even cathartic about water. I have taken a shower when I was grieving or sad about something and the warm water just open the floodgates and helped me to release the tears I needed to feel healed.

So you can see why I am thankful for water in its many  different forms, appearances and sounds.

15 thoughts on “So Thankful for Water

  1. Another wonderful post that was a meditation in itself. I couldn’t choose my favourite photograph because they were all amazing. Water is a great favourite of mine too.


  2. I really enjoyed this post as am also a fellow water baby! I find water so healing. I have recently started a poetry blog here on WordPress in case you have time to have a look? One of my most recent posts is about the clarity I get from swimming. Have a good day, Sam 🙂

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