Winter Beauty

One of my four favorite seasons is winter. (Yes, for various reasons, I love each one.) Recently much of the South was hit by various levels of snow, and freezing temperatures. North Carolina got varying levels of snow which was above the average for a year.

Snow, to me, is part of the Christmas season. Whether it snows where I live or not, I can enjoy the beauty of it in movies, pictures, and Christmas cards.

I love to watch snow as it falls. There are so many variations of snowflakes and snow falls. The pure unsullied white on the ground, trees, yards and roads makes me feel like the world is getting a fresh start.

Snow on the Beach?
Snow on the Porch at the Beach!

The above picture along with the next two were taken several years ago at Cape Hatteras. This rare snowstorm and freeze hit Cape Hatteras, North Carolina just as a friend and I got out of the car to see the Hatteras Lighthouse! Boy were we surprised!!

It snowed all afternoon and part of the night. Then had the audacity to freeze so hard that I slipped on the icy snow the next morning! This is something most people never see. I kept going to the window saying, “This is amazing!”

Snow at beach
Snowy Shore View from Motel Porch a Cape Hatteras
Lighthouse Cape Hattereas
Snow on Grounds of Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

I am an ardent lover of trees as you may have noticed from a previous post:

Snow on a dogwood tree.
Snowy Dogwood Tree
Full limbed tree with snow.
Beautiful Snow Laced Tree

This was taken from my back door. Tree branches can also become coated in ice after a melting snow freezes on the twigs and branches of the trees or, of course after a sleet storm.

Street Light Seen Through Icy Limbs
Street Light Seen Through Glistening, Icy Limbs
Snow laden Trees
Winter Wonderland
Icicles formed from melting and refreezing snow from the roof and gutters.
Colorful Sunset Over Snow-Dusted Field.
Colorful Sunset Over Snow-Dusted Field.

Snow can change the appearance of just about anything.

Snow Bound Fire Hydrant
Snow Capped Fire Hydrant
Snow on yard decoration
Snow on Concrete Replica of a Buddhist Temple

I know snow can cause a lot of problems but it is a wonder to watch as it falls and rests a cold, white blanket on surfaces, telling everything to take a moment, look, enjoy and “chill.”

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