My Life Goals

Snow on a dogwood tree.

Over my lifetime there have been certain qualities that have been instilled into my heart, mind and soul. My parents, my experiences in church, school, with friends, and everything that touched my life gave me a longing for these qualities.

So years ago I wrote this poem about my life’s goals. I was fortunate enough to have loving parents, grandparents and relatives, which gave me a great foundation on which to form my personality, morals, ethics and goals. I am so thankful that I had/have a loving family and a God who loves me and leads me. Without these factors, I don’t know how my life would have been.

I want to make this world a better place even if where I am is my small area of influence. So here are some of my goals to lead me so I can effectively make a difference.

                          My Life Goals

To give liberally, of time and effort, a gifts flowing, hands open generosity.

To appreciate the wonders of our world, a constantly thankful heart .

To be compassionate to those who suffer, a heartfelt empathy.

To dream of a better future, a life fulfilling aspiration.

   To work tenaciously, an energetic, dedicated labor.

To laugh joyfully, a side splitting, tears flowing mirth.

To view life reverently, a wide-eyed, awe-filled respect.

To live life passionately, a loving, joyful, vibrant existence.

  To learn peace through study, love and inner wisdom, a fulfilled life.

      To share God’s love, through word and deed, a life of service and learning.

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