The Sweetness of Sister

The time had come for all of it to end. After a long year of thirst, hunger, blood draws, twice daily double Insulin injections, exams, and tests with no cure in sight, I decided to put an end to my cat, Sister’s life last Sunday. I believe she had had enough.

Rather than go into the long explanation of her year for right now, I want to share some of the sweetness that was Sister.

Sweet Sister
Sweet Sister

Two cats in the window.
An uneasy alliance.
Grey tabby with white legs.
Sweet Sister
Sister and Norie nose to nose.
Sister and Norie nose to nose.
Traveling in carriers
Princess in her castle.

Sister's head on my hand.
Typing Interuptus

Sister was loved and returned that love with trust, affection, and just being her sweet self. She is missed already but never forgotten.

10 thoughts on “The Sweetness of Sister

    1. I hope you are healing during your grief. I teared up when I went to bed because she always slept on my left side by much pillow. I realize better how hard it must have been being stuck for labwork to try to regulate her blood sugar; to get two insulin shots twice a day, when one always stung, to be thirsty or hungry almost all the time. I do find some.comfort in that she is healthy and happier now. I think she knew her time was near, even though it wasn’t a natural death. She had stopped getting on the bed with me until later in the morning. She also stopped sleeping in my lap for a week or so before. It may be she was uncomfortable on my lap, even with a blanket folded under her. Poor, sweet, Sister. My heart hurts for you too as we both grieve for our sweet kitties.

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  1. Bless her. You chose to let her go because her quality of life was not good anymore. That is the decision of a loving and caring owner/human. Thank you for the photos. She was a dear cat. I send her a catnip treat for her journey across the bridge.

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  2. Lots of love, Elaine! Sister loved you, and will watch over you and Nori now. You are a good kitty mama, and bravely did what was compassionate, even though it was difficult for you. 💗


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