Unplug, Look and Listen!

We are such a plugged in people. We have to catch the news in the morning to find out what is going on in our world. Then we have to see what happened since this morning. Then before bedtime, we need an update on some current disaster. We listen to music on our various media players and phones. Then we talk on the phone or listen on the phone to someone else talk.

Does it feel uncomfortable when there is absolute silence? It may be surprising that there are thoughts and feelings you have that have been drowned out by the noise of your lives. Try it. Turn off everything around you that is inundating your brain through your ears and sit in a room by yourself for just 5 minutes.

How does it feel? What happened? Did you get bored, antsy, restless, sleepy? Or did you relax and just feel whatever you needed to feel?

Better still go outside and sit on your porch for 5 minutes. Listen to the wind, the birds, the trees’ limbs or leaves as they move with the wind. What else do you hear. This may be a little difficult if you live near a busy thoroughfare.

If you do, go to a nearby active park. Just sit or just walk quietly. Listen to the children playing or the dogs barking. Use all of your senses. Listen to the sounds of life from the trees, people or life around you. Smell the dry, dead leaves of winter or the new fresh growth of spring. You may even try tasting pollen, honey suckle flowers, or any plants you recognize and know are safe.

Feel the heat of the sun or the cold of the wintry wind on your skin. Put your fingers in the sand or dirt. If there are flowers touch them gently so as not to bruise them. Feel the cold or cool metal that the benches and playground equipment are made of.

Look around. Do you see any squirrels, interesting birds, bugs moving around in the grass or dirt or other wildlife? Are there interesting flowers, plants, trees, land or rock formations?

Vision is one of my favorite senses. I was taught to enjoy beauty as a child by my parents. I learned to love beauty and photography from my father.

Sometimes just being aware of our surroundings can bring great joy, possibly peace, admiration and a sense of awe for the beauty we would miss if we didn’t open our eyes.

Dewdrops on web.
Simple beauty of dew drops on a web.

Fish in a Tree?
Fish in a Tree?

Glass sun by spider web.
Spider web imitating glass sun on planter.
Fields of sunflowers.
Fields of thousands of yellow sunflowers giving their beauty to the world.

Golden leaf caught in web.
Golden leaf caught in web.
Fall Pumpkins
Fall Pumpkins
Diamonds of sunlight in the water as it flows from the fountain.
Diamonds of sunlight in the water as it flows from the fountain.
Red Barn Reflection
Red Barn Reflection

We use our senses every day but how much attention do we give to our world and the beauty it holds for us.

10 thoughts on “Unplug, Look and Listen!

  1. I’m not a news junkie. In fact, since the last election I avoid it as the meanness has amped up. We have a lot of quiet in our home. While it’s nice, I can find it isolating too. Perhaps everything in moderation (except national news!).

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    1. I am with you my friend!! I have birds outside my window. I enjoy listening to them and the rain, wind, and whatever I can hear from my mind. I too can only take so much of what’s going on. I love my quiet, peaceful home.

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  2. 5 minutes really isn’t very long, but oh so refreshing. Whoops! Did I say 5? With me, it usually turns into a few more. It’s a much happier, more beautiful world outside of the newsroom. Happy New Year!

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      1. I love that you said 5 minutes. Those with little time need to know how valuable to their well-being a 5 minute stop, look, and listen break can be. I’ve just found that if I give myself an opportunity to take the time, how ever long, I often love it so much, I extend it. Hugs right back!!!

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    1. Anne Leueen, thank you! It’s response like these that keeps me writing!! I love knowing that I may be helping someone enjoy their day better or learn something or even laugh at or enjoy something. Have a wonderful week!


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