Reflections Can Be So Beautiful

There are three kinds of reflections that I know of and I derive pleasure in capturing them to share with others. As a photographer I have always loved the reflections on bodies of water. There are times when a lake or pond has no wind ruffling the waves and the water’s surface is like a mirror: flat, quiet, and with a focused reflection of it’s surroundings.

These are some of my favorite photos of reflections.

Red Barn Reflection
Red Barn Reflection
Fish in a Tree?
Fish in a Tree?

Then there are the reflections we see of ourselves in mirrors. I read that some mirrors in clothing stores are designed to make us look thinner, to help persuade us, the customer, that a certain dress or piece of clothing has a slimming effect. (I think the mirrors at my home are designed to make me look bigger so I will feel compelled to lose weight!)

But there are also the reflections of ourselves that we see in those around us. Do our friends reflect back a loving, peaceful presence? Have you ever been around someone who makes you depressed or hyper?

Sometimes you end up reflecting their presence back at them and getting caught up in their drama. I have a friend whose laughter makes me laugh even harder. How do you affect others?

Sometimes I wish people could see themselves as others see them. Those who have road rage and yell at people, belittling them surely have an adverse effect on those around them. Why would anyone want to be yelled at?

I have been told that I have a healing presence. People feel at ease with me. Part of the “vibe” I give off comes from my 38 years as a nurse; plus I love people. I like having this effect on others when I am in tune with myself.

My cats reflect that calmness or in some cases, when I am upset or frustrated, they feel and reflect that too.

Once on a trip with my two cats, I stopped the car and let them out of their carriers into the car. Soon it was time to go. They resisted getting back into the carriers. I had not slept well the night before; it was hot; and I got frustrated. They were jumping back and forth from front to back seat, which I had never seen them do. They were so hyperactive.

I realized that they had felt my frustration growing and it affected them. I took some deep breaths and calmed myself. As they complained I gathered them up and put them in their carriers. Then I talked to them in a very calm voice and told them, ” I am sorry that I was not patient with you. I am calm now. Everything is alright. We are safe.” They calmed right down and went to sleep in their carriers. Cats and dogs especially read people’s frame of mind.

Then there is another kind of reflection. The reflection stimulated by meditation or contemplation. Sometimes knowledge gained meditation or insights from our intuition reveals understanding of better ways of dealing with problems. Sometimes reflection just gives us peace of mind, through understanding and therefore acceptance.

Lone seagull on beach
Lone seagull on beach.

So today look for the reflections around you. See if the pond is calm enough to give you a beautiful scene.

Take time to be quiet and calm yourself before making a decision or reacting to the actions or words of someone else and try to understand why they are behaving the way they are.

Look at the people you interact with. Is there someone who reflects your state of mind?

I like what Kahlil Gibran said, ” Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.”

Let’s let our lights shine.

Mirror reflection of me.
Mirror reflection of me.

11 thoughts on “Reflections Can Be So Beautiful

  1. this was a beautiful post (and a lovely photo of you at the end) I wrote about Relaxing our attitudes today and I think it’s a similar theme – being more gentle to ourselves and to others and reflecting what we would like to receive. Leanne @ cresting the hill

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    1. Good topic. Lord knows I was hard on myself growing up. Now I look back and wonder why I did that. I love myself much better now and appreciate my strengths and wisdom more than ever before. Keep up the good work!!


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