Ever Had One of Those Days?

Computer keyboard
My remote control keyboard.

I have rarely truly felt my age. I am 66 years young. Even though I have minor physical issues, my attitude is great and my love of life and even challenges are positive for the most part.

But the other day I had a morning that made me feel like I was 100 years old! I have been told by others that I am pretty savvy for someone my age where computers are concerned. I learned a lot from my now deceased husband, my technologically experienced two sons, and from my own pure tenacity, problem solving, and plenty of mistakes. But this particular morning my brain was not at its best.

I had to close my old checking and credit card accounts for security reasons due to a fraudulent draft. I always had the same account with different numbers but never had to change my User ID and Password at the same time.

I pride myself on very clever “strong passwords” and some great User IDs, according to my sons and the guide. In my efforts to use at least one symbol in the new User ID and in the Password,  I came up with some strong, secure replacements for some letters. I thought I could remember them from one minute to the next. So what was the problem?

When I was logging on with the new User ID and the Password, three times in a row the notifications appeared that the ID and Password were incorrect. Well I was looking right at the new written User ID when I entered it the second and third time. Did I type the ID or the new password incorrectly? I didn’t get to see which one of the entries were wrong because the log on reverts back to blanks after showing dots for your entry for the password.

So after three times I was locked out. I called the help line. After answering their identification questions appropriately they told me my ID and helped me set up a new password. Okay. So far so good.

Next morning I enter the User ID and Password but the first of three warnings came up again! How can this be? I knew the User ID because it was one from the paper! Maybe it was just a typo. Was it the ID or the Password that was wrong!?? I entered the User ID the way I thought it should be as well as the Password.  Second warning!  Okay, this is ridiculous!

Tension was mounting along with embarrassment as well as the fear that my brain had descended prematurely into senility. In all honesty I have hypoglycemia and it was lunch time.

But I KNOW that I can do this! Last chance and I call the bank this time for help. Who knows maybe the Help Line keeps a log of how many times a customer uses the Help Line in a twenty-four hour period!!! Well, I can’t have total strangers thinking I am a little senile, old lady on her computer, can I?

Third entry and I am locked out! Suddenly I realized I had not been typing in the appropriate symbol for one of the letters! Dang! More frustration and self recrimination! Feeling older by the minute!

So I humbly call the local branch of my bank and a very polite, pleasant young man answers. He tells me to use all capitals when I enter the User ID. I verify this by asking, ” Even though my User ID was not all in capitals originally?”

“Yes, use all caps.”

I did it and wow! It worked!

“Okay, now do you need to reset your password?”

“No, thank you. I got this.”

Soon after I logged off, but had to recheck something else. I began to wonder, “When I log back on do I use all caps like he said of do I go back to the original way?” After three more attempts I was locked out again! “That does it! After I eat lunch I am going to the bank and talk to someone up close and personal!” My confidence was going fast.

So I ate lunch and felt much calmer and mentally together. Now I am very empathic and very sensitive to criticism because of a long history with my husband, who “knew everything and how to do everything.” So I managed to get an inferiority complex with very intelligent people and strong personality types.

Well the young man sounded so nice and kind on the phone, and even said to call him if I had any more problems.

So I walked into the small branch and asked the young man behind the counter if he was the one who had helped me. He was and told me to have a seat and he would be right with me.

So I opened the app for the bank and sat with finger ready. I had even come up with two potential new passwords if I needed them.

The young man reminded me of the actor who plays McGyver in the newest version: very young, boyish and brainy. Have you ever had someone waiting for you to type something on your cell phone with those little bitty numbers and letters and clumsy big fingers?

I wanted to present a very “with it” grandmotherly front but this facade crumbled after typing the wrong letter in two different places and redoing each one. I can type pretty fast on my laptop or remote keyboard. But I was a fumbling, not so little, old lady with him. He even pulled out his cell phone while I was trying to enter a new password. (Was he bored or trying to take any pressure off of me??)

That made me more nervous but I manged to pull it together and write the new password down on a piece of paper. Whew! It all worked! I got it all now.

There is one possible factor I would like to blame instead of my memory for the mistakes I made on my home keyboard. My remote keyboard is getting old and sometimes a key will stick. (Yes, I changed the batteries to be sure it worked.) Maybe all of the wrong IDs and Passwords were not all my fault. Maybe a lot of the problems came from my keyboard not typing the letter on screen when I pressed the right key? I think more and more that this was the problem.  Well that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

10 thoughts on “Ever Had One of Those Days?

    1. I have some occasional joint pain but I think I was just frustrated and embarrassed. I am dealing with a heel spur which has been irritating my Achilles tendon and plantar fasciitis. Having surgery next month for it. Can’t wait to get it fixed but not the recovery period. Getting older ain’t easy! Hugs and thanks for the comments.

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  1. I understand how you feel about this subject.
    I have had an iMac computer for five years now, but apple no matter what or how many times I setup a new password I cannot get in, I have three updates on for my computer and they are not getting updated because they say I’m not the owner of this computer, because we shifted to the town and my IP address has changed from satellite to wifi. They want my billing info update, as I don’t have a credit card I cannot do that.
    I have given up, it depresses me too much, not good for my head.
    Have a nice week.

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  2. Yours was quite stressing! Glad to know that all is now in check! Oh! I get that stressful time every end of month when the periods stress you from morning to the next day as if you are in labour pains for a baby!

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    1. Thank you, Jaquintinwriter. We all have those days. It’s good to know that I am in good company! I really am enjoying my retirement years but sometimes the aches and pains start my day off wrong! LOL. Thank you for commenting!!

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