My Two Cats

My two cats bring so much joy to my life, that I wrote this poem about them. Sister passed away December 31, 2018.

My Two Fuzzballs

I have two cats who provide great company

Grey tabby cat, Sister and Norie, who’s ebony .

Their relationship has a fragile tolerance,

Which tries my feline behavior patience.

I’m not touching you!

As much as they help with my peaceful, calm life,

Their relationship is one of fragile peace versus strife.

Each day Norie starts a game of “I’m not touching you.”

Sister ends with brief attack,” Then I will touch you!”

Sister loves sleeping while I stroke her fur.

Norie likes petting but only when preferred.

The gray one, the scaredy cat, afraid of all things.

The black one, the calm cat, afraid of few beings.

Norie helps care for my inner child.

By lying on her back looking up with guile.

Then jumps and runs with arched tail in the air.

Making me laugh and forgetting my cares.

Sister shows me how to keep peace of mind,

Reminding me to rest and leave stress behind.

She makes me slow down, rest and be quiet,

Sleeping on my lap while I read, think or sit.

Mostly they just eat, gaze out the window and sleep.

While I, my lunch appointments with friends keep.

When awake their priority is to regularly be fed.

Next is a long nap in sunlight without even a bed..

About every four hours Sister’s insistent, loud “Mrrow,”

Clearly makes me understand she wants her food now.

She sits in the doorway and stares at me fiercely.

I follow her as she leads me to the food bowls assertively.

My feline friends give my life challenges and fun.

Norie has asthma and an inhaler helps her lungs.

Sister has a pituitary brain tumor causing diabetes,

Twice daily she gets two Insulin shots for her needs.

Their various medicines and care require careful attention.

It’s lucky for them that nursing was my life’s experience.

They give me affection, love, fears and great joys.

My life has been blessed with cat hairs and cat toys,

Often at bedtime they jump up and sleep on my bed.

One sleeps curled by my knees, the other by my head.

Gentle snores come from their throats as they sleep,

While I  pray, meditate and relax to bring slumber deep.

What would my life be like with out these felines?

What would their lives have been like without mine?

Not sure whose lives would be most improved or sadder.

But I’m sure we made each other’s lives a lot better.

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