Memories of Sister, Part 2

Sister, a Queen Cat?
Sweet Sister
Sweet Sister

There were signs that someone thought she was the queen cat, at least some of the time. Sometimes when I walked down the hall past the guest bathroom, Sister would be standing expectantly by the bathroom sink, looking at me out the door and uttered a sharp, commanding, “MRROW!” I knew from where she was that she was asking, uh-h, commanding that I give her her brushing and NOW!!

She didn’t just want me to brush her. She wanted me to hold the brush by one cheek as she rubbed against it two or three times then offered the other cheek so she could leave her oils, scent or whatever on the brush to be disseminated along the paths of the brush into her fur!

Somehow Sister knew about my frequent guilt trips when I was afraid I had slighted one or the other cat. She played on my guilt after she studied my behavior when I accidentally almost(?) stepped on Norie’s tail. (I never know for sure if I did or not, since the reaction is the same either way.) She saw how apologetic I was when I hurt or disappointed them.

 So what am I up against?

Sister moves in closer for the guilt trip.
Sister, the “look!”

Well, she knew how to let me know what she wanted. She would stare at me quietly with a certain “look” while sitting in the bedroom doorway for an unknown amount of time (at least several minutes).

If I purposefully ignore her after a few minutes, she came closer and stared at me some more. If I put the blanket on my knees as an offering for her to sit in my lap, she walked away. “Do you want food?” I would ask. Then she would race off to the kitchen. Aha! I realized that she wanted FOOD!

New Problems

Soon I had a new problem. Sister loved to hide under my adjustable number bed. She loved the solitude and quietness I guess. Sometimes when she saw me preparing her medicines, she knew it was time for her to hide under the bed.

I found that a Styrofoam pool noodle was helpful in nudging her out from under my bed, if I left one side open for her.

There was another problem from Sister’s love of  the nether regions of my bed. Sometimes in the middle of the night the hacking, gagging sounds of her coughing up a hairball were heard. The bed is a full size bed. It would be quite difficult for me to clean it up if she left a wet, hairy mess under my bed!

My bed has a padding around the bottom edge of the “box springs part.” So I put clothes storage bags, boxes, and big books to fill in her entrance route to keep her out from under the bed.

Then Sister found out that the padding could be pushed back to allow her to slip under my bed. So I had to stuff, empty plastic bags into the space to keep her out. (She hated the sound of a trash bag being opened.) Of course Norie, who is not afraid of plastic bags, pawed them out of the way for both of them!)

Then Sister found out she could squeeze between the bed and the bedside cabinets at the head of the bed! So I filled that space in with empty cat litter boxes.

Next when I raised the foot and the head of the bed, she discovered that the foot of the bed retracted and left her a lovely passage to get under the bed! I finally realized that I had to be sure she was on the bed beside me before I raised the head or foot of my bed!

I think I have the underworld of my bed sealed off now; at least until Sister finds another way under my bed. So who’s the boss in my home?? Is my situation out of hand?

Two cats at play
Sister and Norie hiding and playing.


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