Just Do IT!

Wet clothes from swimming in the ocean.
No swimsuit? No problem!!

1. Live each day to the fullest. Slow down and use all of your senses to enjoy whatever beauty there is to enjoy.

  2. Keep a sense of gratitude (a heartfelt appreciation) and have a thankful attitude for the good things of this life. A mind filled with gratitude has been found to increase levels of dopamine and serotonin (also found in antidepressants) in the brain!

3. If you have grandchildren or are able to volunteer, go where the children are. Some kids do not have loving homes. A little grandparental affection could do wonders for them and for you.

  4. Since we are starting our second childhood, (I mean that in a pleasant way), why not do what children do when we are able. They get together with other kids; play games; notice their world through eyes of innocence; see beauty, hear music, touch their environment and explore it.

Tree Hugger
Me hugging a tree

Get together with other people of any age. Share your stories and listen to theirs. Play card games, dominoes, bridge or whatever is fun to you.

Look at the world especially nature like you were seeing it for the first time. By using all of your senses you may notice some beauty or something of interest you never noticed before.

I never gave up my first childhood. I figured why end the first one if a second childhood is coming later. People think I am in my 50’s. I am almost 68. I rarely use make up, so what you see is what I have.

My mother at 82 years old, three years before her death.
My mother at 82 years old.

  5. Do something everyday that brings you joy. Water your plants, grow orchids, take naps with your cat, walk your dog, visit a friend, go somewhere different to eat lunch or supper or even breakfast. Have you been to a museum lately? There are so many wonders to see and learn about there.

6. If you can’t walk, rent a wheelchair or a motorized scooter for adults. If you can’t hear, get hearing aids. If your eyes are failing, get glasses or if possible surgery. There are so many wonders you are missing!!

7. If you are home-bound get books from the library, or listen to music or books on CD’s or find an app for your phone or computer where you can hear audio books.

The point is: do what you can to make each day into one filled with whatever good things there are to enjoy. Stay connected to your world with your brain, your senses and your activities. Be with people who love you. If no one loves you, make new friends! Be where people are and be a friend. 

Don’t just sit around the house moping! Just Do something Fun!!

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