Warning, I am Not Easily Scammed

Today I got a call from someone who thought I was a going to be a victim. They were wrong! So and so called me from the Social Security Administration Office. They gave me a name and told me to press one to speak with someone.

“Someone” (they did have a name but I don’t remember it), answered and explained that my account had been used fraudulently by some one from “South of the Border.” Then told me they needed my information. and started out by asking for my name!

I said, “You tell me who I am, you should know!” They hung up!

Dumb butts!!! 
Be aware that no Social Security people are going to call you and ask for your information!!! Also I would think they could be more specific than fraudulent use from someone “South of the Border!”

I think someone is trying to stir up prejudice worse than it already is!

8 thoughts on “Warning, I am Not Easily Scammed

    1. LOL! That was one big clue that they were frauds. They didn’t name a country or city or anything! I really think someone was trying to stir up more prejudice for people “South of the Border.” Thanks for commenting!


  1. Hey, thanks for bringing this up. I was once contacted by someone who told me that my credit card is blocked and told me that they needed some information to reactivate it.
    After they were done ranting, I told them I don’t own a credit card! They hung up right away.


    1. Love it!! I have had calls on my car’s warranty that is “about to expire” when I let it expire months ago because it was too old. I have had offers to refinance my son’s student loan, which I paid off years ago! We are getting smarter! Thanks for commenting!!


  2. I am constantly getting calls (usually a recorded message) from either Social Security, the IRS, and about fraud on credit cards that I don’t have. Received a call years ago that my son was in trouble and needed me to wire money. I don’t have a son.

    What I find interesting is the phone number that comes up. Looks like a local call. If you listen to the message they will supply an 800 number for you to call back. I don’t answer if I don’t recognize the number, let it go to voicemail and I don’t have my name or my phone number in my greeting. (just says please leave a message)

    Word to the wise: If you should receive by snail or email, never call that number provided. Verify everything first. There is a lot of great imitations of logos, letterhead, etc. If you do find it’s a scam, notify the company/agency immediately and get the word out where you can that this scam exists.

    Glad you didn’t fall for it. I would have loved to see the look on the person’s face when you said, “You tell me who I am, you should know!”


    1. Wow,. you have had a lot more spam than I have! Sometimes I answer just in case it’s a doctor’s office but normally I do not. We have to be careful for sure I block the numbers of the ones I know are spammers after copying and pasting the number on google. sometimes you can see if it’s spam number. My son and his friends sure got a kick out of my response to the turkeys.Thank you for commenting.


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