A Cat or A Husband?

(This post is for humor. It is not a scientific comparison.) I now live with one cat, Norie. My husband died in 2009. (My second cat, Sister had to be euthanized at the end of 2018.) While remaining open minded to a new relationship, I wonder how living with a cat compares to living with a husband.

Cat Lover Magnet
Cat Lover Magnet

I have one cat in my life: Norie, a black, personality-loaded pantherette. She is funny, easy to get along with, and keeps me company. A husband would or could be an unknown mixture of a lot of complex habits, opinions, and life styles. In other words, he could be a major unknown factor in my life.  So one point for Norie. But a husband could bring new surprises and adventures to my life so one for each. Husband: 1, Cat: 1.

Norie in some ways is like having a husband! She gives me affection; shares her time with me but has her own times alone; makes me laugh; makes me feel like I am the most important person in her life….. Oh, wait, I am the most important person in her life: I feed, medicate, love her and clean her littler box!

I did all of these for my past husband, (except the litter box!)  Norie also provides some of the same companionship factors as a husband.  But a husband would not be dependent on me for everything and could give great hugs. Husband: 2, Cat: 1.

Instead of a husband’s warm body to snuggle up to and hug or be hugged by at night, I have Norie, who curls up behind my bent knees if I am on my side.  A husband gets a point here, since he has more to offer.                            Husband: 3, Cat: 1.

Norie snores, but so do I. A man my age is likely to snore too. Since a husband’s snoring would be much louder than Norie’s snoring, she gets a point. Husband: 3, Cat: 2.Cat snooze alarm?

Being awakened by a husband may or may not be a wonderful experience: kisses, caresses, embraces or scratchy chin, bad breath, grumpy…. So he is an unknown factor.

Norie wakes me up by pawing my arm three times. If it is too early I just cover my head and tell her, “It’s too early,” in a very groggy voice and she leaves me alone for a while 30-60 minutes. With a cat I know the routine. A husband would be an unknown but intriguing factor. Husband: 3, Cat: 3.

With a husband I would expect that we get up when we get up and fix our own breakfast. This is really an unknown. Yet the surprise of a wonderful husband fixing me breakfast every now and then and my doing the same for him gives Husband a point. Husband: 4. Cat: 3

When I finally do get up, I go into the bathroom while Norie inspects the bathroom perimeter for any bugs, then waits patiently at the bathroom door. She then escorts me from the bathroom to the kitchen, just in case I forget where to go or that I am supposed to be preparing her food. A husband would never do these things for me. Husband: 4, Cat: 4.                                                                                                                                                            

When I get to the kitchen Norie sits patiently while I prepare her food. I wouldn’t marry a husband who expected breakfast served to him everyday, at least not for long.  No point. Husband: 4, Cat: 4.                                                                                                                                    

If I have a snack during the day, Norie will make little kitten sounds and snake around my ankles and circle them like a shark to tell me she wants something to eat too. Husbands may want snacks too but they can get them for themselves. Husband: 5, Cat: 4.

Which brings me to another problem wives often have with their husbands. Norie will eat anything!! Crickets, small spiders, silverfish, little bugs, and miscellaneous other critters. So they are good for some degree of pest control. Well, husbands don’t normally eat these kinds of things but they may eat any food and sometimes large amounts of food. Whether they are good about killing or dispensing bugs is an unknown. Husband: 5, Cat: 5.

Black cat on her back in the sunshine.
Norie has a big tummy!

As far as affection is concerned. Norie wants affection when she asks for it. Since we all have times when we are upset about something and don’t feel like being affectionate. No points. Husband: 5, Cat: 5.

Hug a Cat
Hug a Cat

With Norie there is no problem about what I want to watch on television. or what I want to do in our home. With a husband there may be some shows one or both of us might have to miss, but we can always record the unwatched show to view later.

But some nights I don’t even turn the TV on and enjoy the quiet. What if my husband doesn’t want to enjoy quiet evenings or wants to jack the television volume up too high? Husband: 5, Cat: 6.

Gray tabby on left of legs and black cat on right.
The cats keep me company and don’t care what I watch on TV!

My husband wasn’t super-hairy but I have heard tales from other wives about bathtub or shower drains clogging from husbands not cleaning the drain from shed hair. Well, I have one cat with with a thick, rich black, coat that never ceases to shed, even after brushing her.

At least husband’s can clean up their own shower drains and probably would not shed nearly as much hair as Norie.  Husband: 6, Cat: 6.

Norie rarely disagrees with me except about when feeding time occurs, but I always win with this one, unless I give in and feed her 15 minutes earlier.

Living with anyone requires some give and take, disagreements, frustration, and arguments. Since I am the one with the cat’s food, I am in charge and she knows it. A husband would be a totally different situation.    Husband: 6, Cat: 7 .

Black cat sleeping in sunshine.
Norie asleep in the sunshine.

You know how some husbands take a nap every day, after a long day at work? Cats sleep about 12-16 hours a day! But they sleep while I am gone and wake up easily, then sleep while I do at night. But she has a tendency to wake me up way too early for a little cuddling. No point here.              Husband: 6, Cat: 7.                                                                                                         

Some husbands are very social and some are hermits. Norie is friendly, but like me, needs alone time. I do believe the man I would marry would be more like Norie and me. So one point each. Husband: 7, Cat: 8.

Norie is just plain cute, entertaining, trusting, affectionate and loving. I know this because she allows me to give her medicines twice a day with little to no resistance. Husbands can be all of the above too, but bring a complex mix of new experiences to my life. Husband: 8, Cat: 8.

So now the question comes, how much more complicated would my life be if I were to marry someone??

Never mind! Points do not matter!!  Norie would have to approve of him and he would have to be a cat lover. Problem solved!

Humorous Plaque
Whose life is it anyway?

32 thoughts on “A Cat or A Husband?

  1. Hello! Lovely to meet you.

    I went round to my friend’s house, and was delighted when her cat jumped on my lap- until it urinated! My friend said, “She did that to my last girlfriend too”.


    1. Oh dear!! That was a most unpleasant behavior of the cat! Is it a cat that is very possessive of its owner? You might prevent that from happening next time by spritzing some lemon or orange juice on your skin or clothes. Cats usually hate citrus smells. Let me know if it helps. Good luck.


    1. Thank you! They are reflections of some of my personality traits. One is playful and mischievous; the other nice, quiet, polite and just wants to be loved. They give me so much joy. Thank you for commenting. How many do you have?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You’ve convinced me – I may trade in husband!
    My daughter and her partner have three cats and they are every bit as funny and smart. I can understand why one would become a cat-lady.

    Liked by 2 people

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