Portraits of Interesting People

Capturing the facial expressions of people is one of my guilty pleasures. They are fascinating. Often while waiting for someone or some event, I observe people and find it a delightful hobby.

Their facial expressions, the way they move, the clothes they are wearing, who they are with and what they are doing can be clues to who they are, what they are doing and why they are doing it.

My observation skills were sharpened further when I became a nurse. Observation of my patients, their expressions, skin tone, fidgeting, tone of voice, the way they moved, their reactions to the medicines or treatments  must be done to help them were all clues that could help me prevent a little problem from becoming a big problem!

The faces, eyes, and body language can portray so much about what people are feeling.  The following are pictures I took on various occasions. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did capturing their expressions.

Little girl's look of wonder
Little girl in awe of boy’s feats with small fan.

This boy had been moving a small hand held fan back and forth on the glass. The sea otter followed it repeatedly wherever the boy moved it. This little girl was so amazed at the “magic” the boy used to make the otter go wherever he wanted. I loved her expression of wonder and respect.


Audience in AWWWS
Audience in AWWWWWS.

This fire swallower was performing at a Renaissance Fair. He was quite funny and charming. He had the audience’s full attention here.


Potter at Old Salem
Potter at work in the natural sunlight.

This potter at Old Salem, NC was demonstrating how his work was done in the sunlight coming through the window, just like in colonial times. I loved the expression on his face of focus, pride and dedication to his work.


Diwali dancers
Diwali dancers waiting to perform.

I enjoy the young dancers at Diwali Festivals. The children begin at a very early age learning each tiny move of their hands, head, body and feet to perform when they are ready. These young ladies were about to perform and had just adjusted their jewelry and turned away. The girlish chatting and laughter had been replaced with last minute nerves as they focused on the dance before them.


Performing belly dancer balancing sword on hip.
Beautiful belly dancer with sword balanced on hip.

Amazing belly dancer with a sword.I have long been fascinated by belly dancing. This performer was amazing in her balance, movements and skills.


Beautiful Diwali Dancer
Beautiful Diwali Dancer preparing to dance.

This beautiful young lady was having her hair fixed by an older woman, (perhaps her mother). I love the strength and confidence her face expresses and the loving pride in the mother’s(?) face as well. I have tried to find this woman to give her a copy of this because it is one of my favorites and I wish I could thank her.


A Street Performer rests and poses.
Boulder Fall Festival Street Contortionist and fire swallower poses and gives the me “the look!”

My friend and I went to Boulder during a fall festival. We watched this performer do all kinds of contortions and then fire swallowing feats. While he rested in this position, I pointed to my camera asking if I could photograph him. He nodded and gave me the “look.” I don’t know what he was thinking but I sure would love to find out. LOL !

Try observing people sometime. I think you may find a new hobby too. People’s faces can be fascinating, enigmatic, and wonderful!

4 thoughts on “Portraits of Interesting People

  1. I thoroughly enjoyed these fantabulous photos enhanced by your thoughts and brief history of each one. Great post, my friend!! I smiled inside and out throughout. 🙂 Haha on the last one. He certainly has mastered the art of “the look.”

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  2. I love watching people and their expressions. I get so engrossed in watching the animated ways of facial expressions that I forget most of the time that I am staring. LoL. But it is really beautiful to watch. Loved your article. Soulful.❤️


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