Spiders Are So Creepy!

Warning,: if you are weak of heart do not watch the last video!

Below is a picture of one variety of garden spiders (also known as writing spiders). They are harmless to humans unless one’s web catches your face as you walk through it on a dark night and you hurt yourself running in terror!

There is the spiny orb weaver also known as the “Smiley face spider.” This odd little being, re-spins its web every night and often takes down the web in the late morning. They can have a yellow, red or blue shell and look like little crabs.

Their webs are unique in that they leave little cottony blobs of web along the webs. The webs are somewhat kite and sometimes star shaped with long anchor lines to limbs in the trees and the ground.

While not local to North Carolina (thank goodness), one of the creepiest spiders is the Huntsman spider. In some parts of Florida they can live in your home, hanging around on the ceiling. That may not sound so creepy but there are two problems with them!

They can jump and they are fast. Wait, there are three problems with them, they can bite! Although not poisonous their bite is very painful and can cause nausea and vomiting and more. (So don’t miss when you try to capture one!)  Oh, and problem number four is: a female’s egg sac can have over 200 little “darlings” in them!!

Another “fun fact” is the giant version can have a body up to 2 inches long and with their long legs, can extend to one foot in diameter, but those are usually in Laos, and other countries besides our own.

They are hunters so instead of spinning a web, they lurk on the sidelines, waiting to jump on their prey! Then they inject a chemical that turn their victims internal parts to goo!

Below is the video only for the strong of heart!!

Makes our creepy but peaceful little orb spinners seem rather pleasant, don’t you think?

2 thoughts on “Spiders Are So Creepy!

  1. When we travelled in Australia we were warned about poisonous spiders but luckily did not encounter any. I like spiders. They are such hard workers; spinning elaborate webs that can be very beautiful .

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