Thankful for My Grandsons

My oldest grandson, L with me

In the past three years I have two new gifts I am thankful for. Three years ago L, my first grand-baby boy was born. The second one, F came over a year and a half ago. 

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My second grandson, F.

Both grandsons were born to my second son and his wife. Thankfully both boys were born beautiful and healthy. The proud parents had an hour to bond with each baby after their births. Then we grandmothers had our times with each baby to bond with them. 

L, who is three and a half; has blond hair and blue eyes, like his mother. F was born a year and a half ago with dark hair, darker complexion, like his daddy, and blue eyes. They both are adorable and loving little boys. Both brothers appear to love each other very much.  

Here are some of the reasons I am so thankful for my grandsons.

1. My son and his wife are enjoying watching these two grow up; loving each one for who he is; and are both very involved in their care and lives.

2. When they were born I loved the new baby smell, the softness of their skin, well, everything was adorable. All of these triggered memories from when I held my first son. (My second son was adopted as an adult. But I love him like he was mine from the beginning.)

3. When each grandson was handed to me I enjoyed those pleasures of touch, sight and smell. Now I have the pleasure of watching each baby as they grow, learn, play, love, and know they have two grandmothers who love them. It is a joy to have a relationship with grandchildren that only a grandmother can have.

4. The thoughts of their futures and who they may become as adults fill my head some days. I want to be near them often but not intrusively in their family life. I want to help when they need a baby sitter, be near to them so I can be a part of the boys’ world and share in the wonders of seeing them change into older children, adolescents, teenagers, young adults and on and on.

6. Planning on teaching them wisdom from my years of experience; sharing some of the wonders I know about animals, insects and life. I also want to teach them so they have the same wonder I felt when I learned about the other life forms on our planet. And I would  see everything through their eyes and share that wonder anew. Life will be renewed often for this senior citizen.

7. Thinking of the books I would read to them; times I would play with them; wonder what I would feel as I watched them grow into men someday. But for right now, they are my grandsons. I know they will be loved by everyone. Since they have two grandmothers I know they will get the  special kind of love that grandmothers can give.

8. Feelings of love and dedication to being a part of their lives fills me with new purpose. I will be a helper, grandmother, babysitter, teacher, playmate and everything I can be as only a grandmother can. I feel so blessed and happy to be a part of their lives.

 9. The absolute pleasure of being greeted by each one with a big smile, excitement, hugs and “MAHA!” 

I have a good life. Now I look forward even more to the rest of my life as I continue to watch my sons and daughters (in law) grow and mature. Now I have two grandsons to watch grow and develop.  So much to look forward to.

14 thoughts on “Thankful for My Grandsons

  1. You are in for a treat. I lost my heart to my darling grandson when he was born two years ago. He brings me endless joy and love. I’m smitten. Such an exciting time for you all. Sue from Sizzling Towards Sixty

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  2. I have my first grandbaby (a girl) due in 2 weeks and I’m very much looking forward to her arrival. We live a reasonable distance away so won’t be nearby to babysit or drop in, but hopefully we’ll see her regularly – and there’s always Skype for the in between times – congrats on your new arrival x Leanne @ cresting the hill


  3. What a lovely post. My grandchildren (five of them aged nearly one year to twelve years) are a very precious delight.

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      1. And five times the exhaustion when I look after them! Haha, I don’t really look after them all at once. My eldest son has three boys and my younger one, two girls.

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  4. You are so lucky. My granddaughters live across the country and I see them once a year. I was astounded to realize they turned 13 this year. The distance makes it more difficult and I don’t travel well. While we have a good relationship, it’s not the same as if they were local and we could babysit or go to movies with them. We take what we can get though and are very grateful that they are healthy and happy. You grandson is beautiful! Enjoy!


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