What can I do?

This is a strange time for all of us. Many of us have had to stay home except for necessary trips due to the Covid 19 virus. In the past two weeks or less we have done the things we have been putting off. We have read the books we meant to read but haven’t; cleaned the house like when we didn’t have had time to; finished all the projects we wanted or needed to do.

We bought all the groceries we might need for a month, and enjoyed some long almost forgotten hobbies. We are hunkered down for however long we need to be at home.

We have sometimes felt the need to do something to help during this stressful time. We’ve made donations. both financial and food to worthy causes or thrift stores that are dear to us. But we have limited to no income right now because of the businesses closing due to the shut downs.

We don’t have money or food to spare. We need it for our families or ourselves in preparation of some other new catastrophe in our near future. We wish we could help more and we are a bit bored too. Tired of the same thing each day.

Meals on Wheels has been such a wonderful help to the elderly who have little or no money or mobility or family. Recently it was announced that Meals on Wheels had to change their visiting policy to protect these senior citizens. Normally one person delivered the food to an elderly home-bound person and came in for a visit with the person.

Now due to the Covid-19 virus the guideline stated that the person delivering the food could not enter the home of the person receiving the meal. That means no more pleasant conversations with those smiling faces who bring the meals. The elderly have few if any contacts and are more isolated than ever before.

Hearing about this sad situation some of us have wondered how we could help. So if we know of any elderly people in these situations, why not call them and just check in on them, even briefly. If you don’t know of any elderly people, call Meals on Wheels for suggestions maybe. They may be able to tell you of someone who would really appreciate a call. If you have elderly neighbors, belong to a church or a group who has members with elderly relatives, know of someone who is lonely or alone, regardless of their age, give them a call. You may not know how glad these people could be to receive a call from a friendly, caring person..

4 thoughts on “What can I do?

    1. My parents and Aunt were in nursing homes at different times. Video calls would have been so wonderful. I lived 6 hours away. I am glad now they aren’t alive with this coronavirus going on. Take care and thank you for commenting.

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