Give a Little Bit of Your Love

In 1977 the song “Give a Little Bit of Your Love To Me,” written by Roger Hodgson, was sung by his group Super Tramp. It has been used for Christmas advertisements; sung by the Googoo Dolls; sung in honor of Princess Diana, (since it was one of her favorite songs); and played in movies and of course on the radio. But it’s message is pure and simple and we need to hear it.

Sometimes when I am by myself, I think of something funny that happened to me or that I did and laugh or chuckle to myself. I guess in some ways there is a  bit of a comedian in me. But these little vignettes from my past can cheer me up. In fact they help keep me afloat when times get stressful.

Whether we do or say something uproariously funny or just a little funny, sharing a story of humor or even a story of interest can be a wonderful gift of love to someone else. When we give a little bit of ourselves or our story to others, (Of course under appropriate circumstances!) we just may open a closed door to the memories of someone else that may cheer them and that they may share with us or others.

We may bring a little joy to someone who is struggling and give them a small break from their burdens. We may reach one or more people through laughter. Who knows?

If they do find some laughter in their day, they may go and share a story with someone else and so on and so on. We may start a ripple effect of openness, transparency, humor, honesty, even compassion and understanding.

But there is something else to be gained from sharing a bit of our love with someone else. We may change in the process. We can see ourselves more as others see us and learn better to accept ourselves. Or we may see that we are no better or worse than other people when they share their own stories or life lessons. 

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Of course there are times when we can give a little bit of ourselves to someone by giving of our time just to listen to them. But a much larger  benefit that we may offer is that we may just make a difference in the world. Even a small difference is better than no difference. A small difference in a small area is better than no difference in a small area.

Watch for that one person, who needs a little excuse for a smile or a laugh. Share something humorous about yourself, “share a little bit of your love” with them. Ask them if they have ever done the same thing and see what they say. You may be pleasantly surprised at their willingness to share a similar story.

We may start ripples of humor, self examination, a lightening of one’s heavy emotional load, or smiles. When we can share of ourselves with others, we may help someone share a little bit of themselves with others. The people near us and near them may open their eyes to their own humanity and frailty and learn to accept themselves.

Sometimes people are just so busy or wrapped up in their own problems that they don’t see someone who is suffering, whether it be a small burden or a huge one. Sharing a bit of our love, our life, or ourselves may make a big difference in the world, or just in one person’s life. But even that is a good thing.

Aunt Helen and great niece.
Aunt Helen and great niece.( A little bit of love.)

8 thoughts on “Give a Little Bit of Your Love

  1. Clive, thank you! I didn’t catch that. The way I wrote it looks like it came out in 2010. Thank you for catching my mistake! I corrected it. Glad you liked the choice of music . LOL! More glad that you caught it!!


  2. Mother Wintermoon, thank you for those words of support and inspiration. You help me feel like I am truly filling my calling; to spread light and love wherever and whenever I can.I hope you are doing well during these trying times. Stay safe. Hugs!


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