Amazing, Fascinating, Animals

Where would our lives be without animals. From prehistoric times, they gave us food, their hides for shelter and clothing, tools for weapons, sewing, and creating other necessary items.

We observed what they ate, how they protected themselves, where they moved for: warmer weather, better supply of foods, berries and nuts and so many other life saving ideas.

I am so very thankful for the two cats who have kept me company, entertained me, challenged me to problem solve, snuggled with me, kept me busy buying and giving them necessary medicines, taking one or the other to the vet or the vet emergency room. But I would do it all again for these two cats. They have reminded me how to live more healthily.

My cat, Sister, (now passed away) reminded me to just sit and relax. Sometimes when I got caught up in finishing something or just doing something when I really should be relaxing, Sister would come to me and wait on the arm of the chair to sit in my lap and be petted.

Sister asleep on the couch.

Sometimes she got up after a brief lap warming or petting; other times she stretched out and slept on my lap. Anyone who has had a cat knows you just can’t disturb a sweetly sleeping cat unless the end of the world is coming.

Sister let me know I needed to get off the internet. Sometimes in the morning when I was watching the news, looking at what’s on Facebook and petting her, she turned around and saw me looking at the cellphone. She often looked at me and at the phone and back at me. If I didn’t put it down or use both hands to pet her, she got up and laid down on the bed or nearby cat tree.

But there are so many amazing, beautiful, interesting, curious creatures that I have photos of to share with you.

Tired Polar Bear
Tired Polar Bear

Scarlett Ibis
Scarlet Ibis

Mother and son horses
Mother and son horses

Confrontation of baby giraffe and adult ostrich.
Confrontation between curious baby giraffe and grumpy adult ostrich.

Silver Back Male Gorilla
Silver Back Male Gorilla

Turtles reflecting on a log.
Turtles reflecting on a log.



15 thoughts on “Amazing, Fascinating, Animals

    1. Well, the two cats love sitting on the front window sill. I think I must have made mouse or bird sounds. Lol. I don’t remember. They were even cuter as kittens. Thank you!! The gorilla was at Asheboro Zoo in NC. He had two mothers in his harem with babies so he must have felt very important. Thank you so much for the comments!!


    1. Thank you!! So glad you liked the pictures! I hope Life Style was an appropriate category. I am wondering if I should have posted them under the category of photography??? I am still trying to figure out what to use the number for when we sign up. Can you explain it for me?


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