Wintering Trees

Golden Maple Tree
Golden Maple Tree

I’ve been talking with the trees:

“Please do not shed your leaves.” Please keep your beautiful colors of fall. When nature rings at spring o’clock, Without warning give the fall leaves the drop, And let the spring leaves come when they will.”

Why stand without your leafy blankets, When you know wintry winds may give you discomfort? From the cold blizzards the leaves could insulate your trunk. Granted you might lose few branches I think; Especially from ice, sleet,and snow when frozen.

Full limbed tree with snow.

The trees stood unmoved; my words fell on deaf ears.

They probably know something that I do not. Perhaps Mother Nature does know best. Perhaps in winter the trees need their rest. Perhaps they are lonesome and so they withdraw. Perhaps they are sad and miss the birds’ joy.

Perhaps they miss the nest-building of migrated birds. Perhaps trees have “spring” dreams while in a winter world. Perhaps trees make plans where each branch will sprout, Or where each leaf, nut or flower will come out.

Perhaps they love winter as much as other seasons. It would be a pity to deprive trees of something they loved. I guess these are some things I can know nothing about. I suppose the trees do what they do from their own inner wisdom.

A colorful fall leaf dropped to my feet from above. I looked at the tree and felt a sweet feeling of love. Maybe the tree sensed my concern and protection. I decided that trees do what they do for their reasons. As I walked a way another leaf fell again at my feet.

A sweet “Good bye and don’t worry. We’ll be fine.”

3 thoughts on “Wintering Trees

  1. Oh this is a delightful post.
    The desert willows in my back garden have managed to survive the heat and smoke and drought and wind of this summer and provide so many hours of joy with their greenery, dancing in the wind, and smell good riot of purple flowers, as well as all the birds and bees that enjoy them.
    Again, I enjoyed your essay on trees very much. Thank you. All my best to you.

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  2. Thank you, JoHanna! I loved your comment because I could almost see your trees and the flowers and the bees. Our world would be a very sad place without trees. Thank you for such a lovely comment! I hope you and your family are happy and well in these times.


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