Christmas Now

Now all of my grandparents, parents, and Aunt Helen have passed I do have Aunt Fay but sadly I haven’t seen her in many years. I do stay in contact with some of her children, now adults, on Facebook. It is good to keep in touch even though we may not see each other.

As my siblings have all spread out to different places and our parents have passed on we each have our own family or spouse and celebrate with our own children or friends. My little family now consists of my first son, M and his wife, Ce and my second son D and his wife Ca. D and Ca have two little boys: L, who is 4 plus years old; F, who is almost 2 plus years old and 5 month old, E. There is never a dull moment with the two boys around and E watching her brothers playing.

For Christmas normally everyone goes to D and Ca’s house. Home is a great place for the kids to wake up and find all kinds of presents from Santa and family.

Christmas is for people who love each other to be together and share love, food, time, and make new memories. Regardless of the origins of Christmas we each are hopefully filled with joy from having people who love us and want to spend time with each other in ways they usually aren’t able to do. 

I am saddened by the limitations we must use at such a loving time of year to avoid catching and infecting our loved ones with Covid Virus. But I am deeply comforted to know that my grandkids and one son and wives are healthy now because they have been careful and worn masks and social distancing.

My first son caught his virus from working in close quarters with a woman who refuses to wear her mask! She called in sick with Covid a few days ago. And he causght it a few days later. He and his wife have been very careful. At least he is on the mend now. I too am healing from my bout of Covid. But let me add that even a mild case can wreck you Christmas Spirit, wrack you body with coughs, give you chills, and make you feel terrible!

Please do not play Russian Roulette with your family’s health with this potentially deadly disease! There wiil always be other Christmases together. But if you or someone in your family carries Covid to the rest of your family, many others could be infected or affected. You may not have symptoms or you may only have a mild case. But you don’t know who you could give it to. You may not see them this year, but if they don’t get Covid you may see them again next year. Please protect your loved ones!! Please protect your families so they will be around next year for the holidays again.

10 thoughts on “Christmas Now

    1. Thank you. I am a retired nurse and worked ICU/CCU for 17 years. I know the stresses of being a nurse thee and the lonliness of the patients. Staying healthy is much easier than going through all the trials of healing from Covid. I am completeing a mile case of it myself!

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  1. I agree that we should be taking health into consideration. But, there are people like my parents who are in their 80s. My Dad has cancer, my mom has other issues. We are not seeing them for Christmas this year, but chances are high that they won’t be around next Christmas. I think we all need to take precautions, but I understand why people may want to get together. There are no guarantees. I just want people to use common sense


    1. I do understand. And I totally agree with the common sense. Wearing a mask and not being close to them physically except a hug with faces turned in opposite directions will save them from catching anything and still give you time with them and lasting memories. May they live longer and well.

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  2. I second Well said! The case counts are rising in my area due to those who refuse to use masks and/or socially isolate. Local medical personnel are becoming overwhelmed and are begging people to take precautions. We’re very careful but we stay uneasy about the whole situation.


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