This is the Way We Make Our Bed

Norie, my black cat, loves to be involved when I am doing anything around the home. Changing the covers on the bed has always been a favorite with her. Here are some pictures showing how we work together like a team(?). Well at least we have fun.

Black cat playing on bed
Norie checking my sheet’s corners.
Black cat on bed
“This corner will do.”
Cat lump under the sheet.
“Where is Norie??”When the bottom sheet is tucked in, Norie jumps around on the bed. So I just put the top sheet over her and she lies still.
Norie has always loved to be under the sheet when I fluff it up in the air over her. She lies very still while I “search” for her. Once I left her there to answer the door and she fell asleep under the sheet.
Black cat on bed.
This sheet is not tucked in!
Black cat under quilt.
Oh, goody I can burrow under the quilt!
Black cat on top blanket.
“Uh, excuse me! There are wrinkles to be fixed! And whose footprints are those?”

Never a dull moment when Norie helps me make up the bed.


16 thoughts on “This is the Way We Make Our Bed

  1. A couple of years ago we looked after our daughter’s cat while she as away. He would do the same things: getting in under the bottom sheets when I was trying to make the bed. I really enjoyed it and missed him dreadfully when he went home to our daughter.


    1. Norie keeps me company and often makes me laugh. Sister keeps me company when I am sitting in the recliner. She reminds me to slow down and relax. These two are wonderful for me, even though they can drive me nuts sometimes. Lol

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  2. My old cat Jake liked to be under the covers. One day he was sleeping there, a lump in the middle of the bed. My other cat who liked to put her head on a pillow when she slept went over there and laid on him. He was not a happy camper. I think she did it on purpose but that was the last time he did it in the middle.


    1. I wish there had been a video of that! I bet you cracked up! Cats are such amazing characters!! I love my Norie and still think of Sister. Always so wonderful to see your comments. Thank you!


    1. How delightful!! I remember when my son was little(He is now 35 and 6’6″ tall.) and how he loved to get under the fluffed in the air sheet too. May the memories they have and we have always precious. Thank you, Anne!!!

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