Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty

This happened several years ago but I thought that other cat lovers would understand. Norie, my black cat, loves to play, observe, go out on the screened in porch and stalk birds as they peck around looking for food safely beyond her reach.

Sister, my second cat of a different personality, preferred to sit in my lap or be near me. Sister was very sweet natured.

I am beautiful and I know it.
I am beautiful and I know it.

After having two adult cats for 4 or five years at that time, the thought crossed my mind that maybe a third younger cat would be good for my two older girls.

So the soft, warm, and fuzzy compulsion overtook me. I have to admit I had overdosed on pictures of cute, black, soft, warm and fuzzy kittens on my favorite internet media site.

The black baby kittens, with blue eyes seemed to call to me and hypnotize me! So I broached the subject of getting a third younger cat with my first son just to see what he thought. 

Now M. knows me well and has a good practical mind. I think he knew that I was just fishing for approval of my idea. M. somehow knew my motivation.

He also had a good understanding of how much I had to spend to keep the cats I had healthy and how much time I spent feeding, medicating them, and so forth. So he asked cautiously with an inquiring tone of voice and a drawn out, “Wh-h-h-h-y?”

His voice was non judgmental but slightly probing and curious. So I knew I had to give a good answer lest he think I had already sunk into the mire of dementia or Alzheimer’s at the ripe “old” age of 60. (This happened several years ago.)

So I came up with two ideas: Norie would have someone who loved to play, more than Sister did; there would be more excitement for all of us, and…..I faltered as I realized I wasn’t coming up with real reasons but more excuses.

Then I surrendered. “I know. It really isn’t a good idea. “M. visibly relaxed. Finally I realized I was grasping at straws and had quickly run out of good, sound reasons enough to truly balance the monetary, emotional, and physical stress I had sometimes from caring for my two (then) cats. Suddenly I knew another cat would not be wise in my immediate future.    

Even now after losing Sister, I believe Norie is content with just herself and me. I am believing more and more she was a little jealous of Sister. So I will now just enjoy the cuteness of kittens from afar. I do have one warm, soft, and fuzzy cat who loves me.

Actually since Sister passed over, Norie comes to me and wants to sit in my lap more. I know this is something amazing because when Sister was a live, I had to pick up Norie to get her to sit in my lap.

Now Norie sits and looks at me, rubs her head against my leg and waits for me to pick her up. She still snuggles up behind my knees when I go to sleep. She snores softly as she sleeps peacefully either on or under the bed blanket; or on a blanket on my lap.

But petting Norie can be tricky. She, like some other cats, gets overstimulated after a prolonged period of petting. In case you haven’t noticed it, after petting your cat for a while, they may start switching their tail back and forth.

This is a sign that warns you she is not going to tolerate being touched much longer. You may even notice their ears flattening out to the sides. Stop touching them or you may be bitten or scratched.

But Norie really contributes to the peacefulness and Feng Shui of my home and life. Nothing like a sleeping, gently snoring cat to feel peaceful and relaxed.

Norie also reminds me to play and get up and move! No wonder science has proven that having at least one pet can lower your blood pressure! Soft, warm and fuzzy pets are good for our physical and mental health!  But one will just have to do for me.

10 thoughts on “Warm Kitty, Soft Kitty

  1. You are stronger than I am. When I lost my last two cats, the thought of downsizing was discussed. We had four and going down to three seemed like a good idea. I’m at an age where a cat can outlive me. About a year after I lost Jake my husband found a one-eyed cat that needed a home. We had to take her in. We already had a one-eyed cat and knew they were harder to adopt out yet there is nothing handicapped about them. In December we lost Hazel. Again it was time to downsize. Then a friend who works TNR fostered a one-year old cat that had been trapped as a kitten. While she was socialized she would get frightened at the shelter when prospective adopters came to see her so she spent a whole year (as a kitten) in a shelter. My heart broke so I took her when my friend was ready to return her to the shelter (she had been working on more socialization). I didn’t regret either although old cat Mollie gives me stinkeye occasionally. I am working on making the vet part less expensive. I get 3 year vaccines so I don’t need the yearly exam (especially for the healthy young ones). If it comes to it, I’ll get the vaccines at my local rescue for a much cheaper rate reserving my vet for truly serious things. My cats all get along (very grateful for that). Someday I will have to downsize but not yet. My niece has agreed to take my cats if something happened to my husband and me.

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    1. I have thought about what should happen to Norie when or if I can’t take care of her. Wonderfully M cat sat for me and kept her in his apartment years ago so he likes her. Yesterday he even asked if I’d thought about getting a cat to replace Sister. I told him Norie seems to enjoy being an only cat. Besides even though he married a veterinarian, I,would move in with them if I couldn’t handle a home anymore. All is good. I don’t want to load my kids up too much with me and more cats. So I will keep,it to one. Besides they can because expensive and I have an adequate but fixed income.

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        1. I have been volunteering once a week for a Cat Angel Thrift store for several years. Fostering is definitely something I would consider. But I might end up adopting them too!! I do love having a cat around.

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