My Halloween Cat

Norie with witch's ha

A dark shadow in the night,

Shining black hair, reflecting light.

Armed for defense with sharp claws,

Sheathed in padded jet black paws.

Black cat looking out from feline cave.

She watches me with golden eyes.

Then runs away with arched tail high.  

While playing she prepares to jump,

But only attacks my blanket’s lumps.

Black cat under quilt.

Always listening with both ears cocked,

For noises to which my ears are blocked. 

Training me when to pet her or quit, 

 If slow to learn, my hand gets nipped. 

Black cat

White hairs contrast her lush coat of black.

On her chest and her tummy, not her back.

On my porch she sleeps in warm sun, 

With belly up and legs sprawled open.

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Curious cat checks out my mat,

She thinks she’s hiding; silly cat.

How can I exercise and laugh at that.

I now know why my stomach’s not flat..

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She does flips inside of her cat tree cave.

Then expects of me attention she craves.

Knowing her antics will make me smile

She looks at me with so much guile.

Spooky Reflections

Whose black cat sits at my window.  

Looking for birds as ominous shadow?

My gold eyed, black friend and pet,

A clown, a companion, a mischievous cat:


(Norie’s eyes and the camera’s flash create a weird effect. This was not photo-shopped.)

Norie is mischievous, playful, curious, overweight and has asthma for which she gets an inhaler twice a day. She doesn’t like to be held unless she jumps up in my lap to ask for a few strokes on her thick, black hair.

Norie is my friend and companion. She keeps me company by entertaining me with her behavior, mannerisms, and amazing communication skills.

We have a lovely screened in porch where she loves to lay on the cool cement or bask in the sun’s warmth. Sometimes Norie sits on the patio chair to get a better view of birds, lizards or bugs.

When she starts staring at my hand, flattening her ears or switching her tail rapidly I know she needs to get down.

Norie is fascinated by soap bubbles floating through the air. Usually she will watch them as they fall but then starts popping them.

Black cat smiling at bubbles.
Should I try to eat it or pop it?  

One of Norie’s favorite pastimes is lying on her back and looking at the world upside-down! She does this on the couch, on the floor before I leave, (to get attention I think), on the porch or anywhere. When I sit on the bed to put my shoes on she looks just like the picture below but more sprawled out. She wants me to play with her before I go.

Happy Norie Chilling
Happy Norie Chilling

Recently as I was drifting off to sleep I heard this pitiful, little, querulous meow. I rushed to the living room worrying that she might be sick or having an asthma attack. When I found her lying on the floor looking at me, I wondered why she had done that.

The next few nights she made the same sounds but when I checked on her, she was carrying the long fuzzy toy on a stick. The long, red fuzzy part was in her mouth and the stick part was being drug down the hall with her legs straddling the stick, reminding me of a large panther or lion dragging its large prey to a tree or secluded spot.

She seemed very proud of herself. Then she did the same thing each night. By the end of several nights there was a pile of toys at the foot of my bed. Suddenly I realized she wanted me to play with her! So of course I obliged and played with her.

Every morning almost the same time or close to it she wakes me up for a chin rub and sometimes wants food. When I reach for my glasses she knows I am ready to go to the bathroom.

Every now and then there is a silverfish on the floor or on the wall. I call, “Norie, there’s a bug!” She stops what she is doing; runs in looking for the bug; catches it with her paws; and eats it (if it’s not too big). But I have seen her eat a cricket! If there is no obvious bug she does a perimeter check of the bathroom! But I also have seen her fake catching a bug! I love my beautiful, black, bug zapper!

Norie sleeps curled up behind or between my knees depending on how long it takes for me to go to sleep. She gets up and goes elsewhere in our home. She only bothers me when Daylight Savings time switches are made. It takes a while to get her switched back and forth.

All in all she is a sweetheart who genuinely seems to love me and the routines we keep each day. My life has been enriched by such a cat as she is.

41 thoughts on “My Halloween Cat

  1. Ohhh!! YOu did such a great job!! I love the broken rhythm with the pictures. It gives the poem a very unique and personal touch! Loved it! 🙂 More!!

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Thank you. I never knew how amazing cats were until she was given to me 10 years ago. I have also enjoyed taking pictures of her too, as you can see. LOL. She enjoys my company too but needs to be alone just like me. She is special to me.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. THAT BLACK CAT SHE INVADED HIS DREAMS (a mostly true story) …

    She laid by his bared feet / at the foot of his bed / though in his dream they’d meet / which they did in his head. // For this sleek black feline / she’d been in there before / such she’d never decline / as that cat he’d adore. // A myth it couldn’t be / that her claws touched his toes / as the dreaming did he / was about that she knows. // The dream she boldly caught / that night she did invade / was the dream she had sought / the dream she’d long delayed. // Within she placed her claws / upon his sleep-bound feet / all performed with no flaws / then and there they did meet. // Though not feeling abused / by prickling on his toes / he still looked down confused / at each of five toes, two rows. // Naught of her did he find / in his dream created / though back to wakened mind / he saw her and stated // ‘Mimi, it’s you—you rascal!’ / yet he still adored her / while finding comical / her response a smooth ‘murr’. // From the thick mattress down / she landed without woes / as he said ‘You little clown— / you leave alone my toes.’ // Thought she, ‘Again we’ll meet / as you dream fast asleep / when the toes on your feet / from my paws you can’t keep.’

    (Frank Sterle Jr.)

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    1. Wow! What a tale! I know of a friend’s black cat who actually walks in dreams to soothe people who are having a nightmare. He doesn’t go unless told to. So there may be something to this story. 😉


    1. They are so smart! Talk to her and tell her what you are doing if she is watchung you. They remember words and phrases if you use them often. I love the name Nora too. Norie is Nori (the black seaweed that wraps around sushi) I added the “e” for some weird resaon. But it doesn’t matter.

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    1. Thanks, Crystal Byers. From what I read somewhere most all black cats were killed during the witch hunts as accomplices to the “witches.” But black cats who had even a hair of white on them were spared. So they could be related. You never know. I think they are extremely beautiful and smart. I bet you agree!

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    1. Mags, I am strongly thinking of publishing a book on Norie from the blog posts through Amazon Kindle. I am going to do research on it first, but I think there are a l9t of other “crazy cat people” out there. Thanks for the comment about my photos of her. She is beautiful.

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