Thankful for My Grandchildren!

I have been so blessed with three of the most adorable, (yes that’s my opinion) grandbabies who are now no longer babies, (well the granddaughter is growing up fast at one-and-a-half). First was L. who is five now and in kindergarten. Here is his photo from when he was a baby.

First grandson, L at about 4 months
Second grandson, F. and I when he was about the same age.
Grandmother with grandsons
My grandsons and I!(L at about 4, F at about 2
E. at two months approximately

L.. at 5 years old
L. and F. at 5 and 3 years old
E. at one year old.
Maha and all of my grandkids last summer.
The boys about a month ago.
The kids and I on Halloween 2021.

They are each an individual with their own personalities, quirks and favorite things to do. They make me feel so loved and I certainly love them.

November 23, 2021)

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