I Heard Voices

Well, it seems I am on a roll of strange events. I signed up for a seminar on Zoom the other night at 7 PM. I had the Zoom class number and passcode on my Google Chrome Notebook. So I opened Zoom and entered the needed details. There was no evidence of anything.

It was time for the event and nothing happened. So I figured something was wrong. Sometimes if I am on Zoom on my Notebook with one particular meeting, the connection stops suddenly on my Notebook. So I referred back to the informational email where the directions said, “Join here.”

I figured maybe the Kindle would require less data and maybe I could get through to a Zoom room on it better. Since I had already signed up, I figured this meant the seminar was on, so I “joined” on my Kindle.

Well, each time I made a submission to “join” the meeting, the screen showed that the submission had been received. But when I tried to enter the passcode, nothing but a blank screen! So I just put the Kindle on the padded rug on the plastic, storage boxes with drawers.

The seminar was free so I figured maybe I just wasn’t meant to hear it. After doing some other things in another room, I came back and heard people talking quite distinctly and loudly. It sounded like two people right outside my window! I figured they would leave soon and just tuned it out until an hour later. They were still talking! I raised my blinds to see who was outside talking so loudly! I could see no one!

I called my neighbor upstairs and asked her if she heard the talking. She said she hadn’t and offered to look out from her upstairs balcony to see what she could see. She came back saying she had not heard or seen anyone.

Well, what in the world was going on? I walked around close to the windows and listened to the voices to see what they were saying. Suddenly I realized the voices were coming from my Kindle, which I had placed screen down on the storage boxes by my recliner. When I turned the Kindle over, all of a sudden I saw what had happened.

I evidently had been at the seminar but didn’t know it. I don’t know if it started late or what the problem was. I am just glad the camera was aimed down to the rug on top of the storage boxes!

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