My Neighbors Are the Best!

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Pink Lotus

You know the song, “We Are the World?” My condominium building is like a world unto itself. I have thirteen neighbors, some from different cultural heritages. I have to say that every one of these people in this building have been nothing but kind, generous, friendly and helpful. I am grateful every day that these people are the best of the best neighbors. Here are a few stories for proof.

Several years ago I had abdominal surgery. One neighbor, Miss P. who I call “my Irish big sister” scooped out my cat litter for me at least twice while I was recovering until one son and his wife could come to help me. Miss P. and many of my neighbors bought meals for me over the next week or two.

Miss P. is always full of Irish wisdom and good humor. Sometimes we pick up food for supper or lunch for each other. She even invited me to go with her to see friends in Pittsburgh! Miss P. is also faithful to her church and lives a good, loving life.

Another friend, Miss G, is an American lady, born to German parents. She also is like an older sister to me. Miss G. is very faithful to her church and serves in other venues of service to help others. I help her with minor computer problems and we frequently share large packages of strawberries or split a cantaloupe with each other. (I helped resuscitate her husband four years ago until EMS arrived. But he died a few days later.) She lives directly above me. Her Irish husband had been a pediatrician. He loved for me to check his blood pressure even though his wife could check it for him. I think it was because he missed talking medical experiences and history to ears who never heard them.

I have a middle aged Muslim couple from Lebanon, who are always friendly. During the weekdays they are often babysitting with their grandchildren. They have been here about 3 years. The first time I met them the husband invited me to come sit by him on the couch because he wanted to show me the pictures of their grandchildren. Oh the pride and joy on his face!

Several times I’ve come home when they were unloading their groceries. The sweet wife loves to give me something chocolate, Once the husband wanted me to have a large bottle of spring water saying, “Spring water is very good for you.” Once the wife gave me a sample of Middle Eastern cooking. This happens almost every time I come home from shopping and they have been to the grocery store. I watch for packages left outside their door and knock on the door hard so they hear it and tell them they have a package. I also open the entrance door to our building for them.

There is a lady downstairs Miss E. who is also a faithful, loving, devoted person to her church. She makes Prayer blankets for those having surgery, having pain, severe anxiety or in the military. She has been making these blankets since 2005! I do not doubt her when she says she made many more than 100 of them! The blankets are blessed and people in her church make a commitment to pray for the person receiving the blanket! Many have thanked her for the healing, peace, or comfort they received, including me.

Miss E. is very sweet and has the same condition in her back that I do. She is an inspiration to me because she sometimes looks so tired at the end of the day. But she goes right back out the next day to give of her love and service to help others. She has several daughters who check in on her and love her dearly.

There is a Hindu couple who are both doctors. They are always polite and friendly. One fiercely raining morning the husband looked out his window and saw an elderly man, from the next building attached to ours, who was confused. He had fallen and was struggling to get up. Mr. R. went out in the pouring rain to turn him on his back and get help for him. He didn’t even know the man.

There is an older couple upstairs who are gone often but come back home daily. They are always friendly and would do anything to help anyone. The husband came to help the Hindu lady when her car didn’t start.

The couple who live down the hall are good, kind people too. Their college age daughter teaches piano. Sometimes we ask them to open the door so we can hear the wonderful music and singing all over the building.

There is one young lady, Miss SA who is gone to work early and comes home late. But she is always polite, friendly and open to conversations. She had received two new bar stools for her counter and asked if I knew anyone who would want the old ones. I went up to see them and they looked like brand new! I asked if I could have them and she said sure! She brought them down on the elevator for me. She is gone during the day and sometimes packages are left outside so she asks me to keep an eye out for them and keep them for her until she gets home.

I love my neighbors and thank God for them every day! We all are willing to help each other or share with each other. This is what good neighbors do!

8 thoughts on “My Neighbors Are the Best!

  1. You are very blessed to have such wonderful neighbors and they are blessed to have you as their neighbor. It’s wonderful to have neighbors you can trust and depend on. We have been very blessed as well since buying our home a little over 2 years ago. We have been blessed with wonderful neighbors on both sides of us and a few across the street not a lot of our neighbors are very social but they are always nice when we do see them and say Hi. I got to meet and have a nice talk today with a lady that lives a few blocks over from us she was out walking her sweet dog and my dog ran to the door to bark and we started talking and she has lived in her home before our home was even built back in 1952 a few years after her home was built. I love meeting and talking with people from neighboring streets when they are out walking they are always so friendly. Have a great night. 😀

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    1. Thanks Myrosagirl, for sharing about your neighbors. When you hear about nightmarish neighbors some people have, it really makes you thankful for good ones!! Glad you have sweet neighbors around you. I appreciate your reading my posts and commenting too. Thank you!

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        1. Myrosagirl, I hope you didn’t have to endure the bad neighbors very long. But you know what I discovered was that sometimes the hard times make us more thankful for the good times. I wish for you to continue having great neighbors and I will bet that you are already a good neighbor to them too.

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