Two White Butterflies and a TR6

A Triumph Spitfire just like the one I had, except, mine was saffron yellow.

I have heard it said that some miracles are just normal events that happen at unusual times. In other words, sometimes it’s not the occurrence of the event but the timing of when it happens.

Several years ago I was driving to Durham in my RAV 4 to meet my first son and his wife for lunch. I noticed the strangest feeling of anxiety and fear coming over me. I don’t generally feel this way so I began to think about potential causes.

It had been 5 hours since a lighter breakfast than usual. Since I have hypoglycemia I try to eat a good full breakfast. But I wasn’t shaky so I didn’t believe it was a symptom of low blood sugar.

Then I remembered that I had read in one of my groups for Domestic Violence Victims about a woman who was worried for her young son and all he had heard and witnessed. Suddenly the tears began to flow.

As you may have read from some of my previous posts, my husband (due to some neurotic tendencies, poorly controlled diabetes, high blood pressure, and later, verified, mini strokes) was at times emotionally and on several occasions physically abusive. The feelings of guilt and the memories of my son hearing the yelling and feeling the stresses, at such a young age, hit me hard. I began to sob. I needed to recapture my calm especially while I was driving!

As I carefully drove along, I asked God and the angels to help me. I didn’t want to cause my son stress over my being upset and ruin the lunch we were about to have together. Soon three things happened that amazed me. Within 5 minutes three amazing things happened.

First, two white butterflies flew across the road ahead of me. I remembered seeing white butterflies over tobacco fields; but there were none around Durham that I knew of. I felt reassured that they were a reminder of God’s help because I was beginning to feel better and more in control of my feelings.

A little further down the road while sitting at a stoplight, out of the corner of my eye, I saw a dark green, TR6 turning onto the road I was on, but going in the opposite direction. My eyes lit up as I saw it at the stoplight about to turn the corner in front of me! You see, when I got out of nurse’s training I bought a Triumph Spitfire Mark IV, which I believe was a “relative” of the TR6. My Spitfire was painted Saffron Yellow. I saw other TR6 cars back them too, so there was a link in my brain between the two cars made by Triumph.

Rear view of a blue Triumph Spitfire Mark IV, 1972.

I loved that car and felt so sexy and vibrant driving up the highway to see my soon to be fiance’. My mind was instantly distracted from the present dilemma it had been in. I was calm; had a big smile on my face; and my mind was filled with those memories of driving that car.

I cleaned up my face and walked up to my waiting son and his wife and told them what had happened. They understood and gave me a hug. It was a great meal that we shared together. I had a thankful heart for the help I had been sent.

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