Water Was Spewing Out of My Refrigerator

About three weeks ago I installed a new water filter into the top, right, rear corner of the refrigerator. It was one of those twist filters that screws up into the apparatus that connects it to the water line that runs from the water dispenser to the wall.

For some reason the first few attempts to screw the filter unto the apparatus were unsuccessful. The more I tried, the more frustrated I became. The unsuccessful attempts allowed water to spray out at me, down the back of the fridge and everywhere. Because I was having to reach over the top, right rear of the shelf to get to the plug in part, it was awkward to seat the filter valve to the line. So I found something to go under the filter to catch the water and give me some time to put the filter on correctly. Finally. I did!

So then I had to remove everything, dry off the insides and shelves of the fridge, then the objects that I had removed, and replace them. Finally, everything was working and dry.

Not a week later I noticed that the water wasn’t coming out of the pipe from the ice dispenser area. It had been running fine after the installation. So knowing what I would face if I didn’t prepare properly, I put off removing it again for obvious reasons by using four gallon bottles of spring water for a few days so I could screw up the courage to try again. But finally I knew what needed to be done.

I removed everything including the fridge shelves except for the top one; pulled out the largest fridge drawer and placed it under the recalcitrant filter. I left one of the other drawers in place but pulled it out to catch water if necessary. I gathered several beach towels and piled them on the floor. Then proceeded to remove the filter by twisting to the right. It sprayed, what seemed to be, more than the last time.

Water spewed out everywhere: down the back of the insides of the refrigerator, where the drawer couldn’t reach. I had no one nearby that I could call out to for help. I was hungry because it was a little past supper time; I had visions of water being all over the floor into the dining room and the hall!

I was getting panicky! What if this didn’t work! So I just piled on more towels and found the refrigerator instructions, which I had just looked at recently for how to turn off the water. And found out there is a shut off valve!

I had pulled the refrigerator out slowly, just enough to look for the valve. But the picture showed the valve to be between the tubing from the wall to the fridge! Mine didn’t have it there.

So I pulled the fridge out so I could see better where the valve was. I traced the line from the back of the fridge to a small alcove in the wall and there was the shut off valve!! As I turned it, I had to ignore the water that had been continuing to flow out of the water outlet in the fridge, I tried to turn the valve to shut the water off. “Righty Tighty, Lefty Loosey!” Yay, it was turning but was it the right way? I said a little prayer that the water wasn’t going to damage my floors or worse, electrocute me, (but remembered that I had unplugged the fridge from the start.)

Then it became harder to turn and it hurt my hand, so I checked and the water was a much smaller flow! Yay! I got the Ove Glove and turned the valve all the way off. With the flow much smaller I thought I would try to reapply the filter to the water outlet. After a few wiggles and poor seatings of the filter to the water outlet, at last! It screwed together and there was no more water flowing all over the place!!

Whew! I was so relieved! I dried out everything after removing the drawer with the water in it and dumped it into the kitchen sink. Threw the towels and dish-rags into the washing machine after using them to wipe or mop off everything. At last it was over!

Having had a long history of back issues I don’t know how I moved the refrigerator. But I did, several times. My back and shoulders were sore but they’ll get better. My laminate floors were not wet at all. The water came out of the spout like it should. YAY!

Although I was tired I was proud of myself for using my brain to resolve a problem; I am resourceful; I learn from previous mistakes; I can tolerate a lot of frustration; I am persistent in resolving problems.

Post Note: Less than a week later no water came out of the water spout! I will not ever use that filter again. I went out that day and bought one of the pitchers with the filter in it!

Post note #2: Several days later, on a whim, I checked to see if the water could be coaxed out of the dispenser spout. It worked! So, okay, I will use it as long as it works, but I still have the backup filter pitcher if the flow stops again! I will not get another filter like that one ever again!

7 thoughts on “Water Was Spewing Out of My Refrigerator

  1. Congratulations!! You showed courage, persistence, strength and patience…. And you did it! I totally relate to taking a breath and stepping back before facing something yet again, as I do this often myself (knowing I will either hurt myself or the item in question at the moment if I don’t take a break!) You deserve to be proud!

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    1. Thank you, Josaia. Your words made me smile and feel proud of myself. I enjoy a challenge but usually look it up to learn what I can about it first. I had changed the filters before but with only mild difficulty. This time something was different and quite a surprise to me. You made my day! Thank you!

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    1. Thank you! Yes it was. I am a young 70 year old woman. I can not risk that kind of situation again. Thank goodness for the pitchers with filters! I won’t use the kind that caused this ever again!


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