A Modern Psalm By Melodie Elaine Estes

I think most everyone who knows me knows that I am a Christian. I believe that the Creator, God, Spirit or however you know Spirit loves his creation, whatever method was used to create it. I believe our mission is to spread that love and try to help others as the Creator loves and helps us.

I’ve seen people change when they are sick, scared, and hurt but I also have seen people change when they are loved and accepted for who they are by another person. We have so much more power to change the world than we realize but more importantly we have to change ourselves to help others to change.

This blank verse was written when I taught a Sunday School class on what a psalm is. I doubt very seriously that God cares about form or rhyming pattern. I believe the important thing is that it comes from our heart in a rush of joy, adoration, faith, praise, or thankfulness. But just as the Psalmist wrote psalms of heart wrenching pain and shame, he also wrote psalms of joy, adoration, faith, praise, or thankfulness. Psalms can express any deep emotion that we might have, just as any song can express a deep longing or emotion.

So I wrote this as an expression of my joy, peace and comfort with God’s presence in my life.

A Modern Psalm

Spirit, You are the great Sequoia tree.

You are impervious, immortal, immovable.

You are untouched by the tiny insects of human frailty.

You weather every storm, massive, powerful, ancient.

Seedling's view

You shelter me, your seedling, with your outstretched limbs.

You give me strength by claiming me as your very own.

You give your ageless wisdom to me when I am lost.

You give of yourself to me by giving this life to me.

Lovely old shade trees at Roanoke Island. Virginia

I am your seedling; thankful for the life I live.

I stand in your massive trunk’s shadow.

I am sheltered against the sun’s hot blasts.

I am bolstered against the fierce storms of life.

I stand because your roots entwine with mine.

I gain strength from your guidance and love.

I am comforted by your presence ever with me.

I see your love for me through your tender care.

No matter how much I look, I can’t see all of you.

No matter how long my limbs, I can not reach around you.

No matter how hard I try, my limbs can not reach up to you.

But you have reached your limbs down to embrace me.

Largest Compton Oak seen at Colonial Williamsburg, VA

(The Compton Oak, a one hundred plus years old tree. It is one of the largest of its kind. Found in Williamsburg, Virginia.)

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