A War of Affiliations

We are at the beginning of local elections looming ahead and with advertisements for candidates already appearing on the television. Oh, BOY! (NOT) .This is a post that is not for or against a political party or candidate. This post is about the strange effects elections seem to have on normally sane, nice, friendly people. I am tired of the hate, name calling, insults, violence, and maligning that goes along with every election , no matter how small. I have to vent. I promise that I will not point the finger at one side or the other.

What kind of “change” happened?

During every election many of our friends, and family change into angry discontents; accusing, insulting, arguing, and even fighting within their own families. Each campaign year gets worse it seems. Why are we suddenly insulting some of our friends by saying, “Democrats (or Republicans) are idiots, stupid, hateful…..” Or “All liberals or conservatives are (pick your insult) ……” Why???

Are all of the candidates we are supporting “without sin;” always right; or always selfless in their work for their people or always selfish, idiots, or tyrants,. Candidates on both sides have done some acts that were absolutely wonderful, inspirational, or just plain kind. But on both sides there are power seekers, money grabbers or “traitors” to  their constituents in favor of their own special financial interests.

Few people are totally evil, just like few (or no) people are totally perfect. All Democrats, like all Republicans are just people. Being a Democrat or a Republican candidate does not mean they are more or less likely to steal, cheat, lie, “promise the world” to their constituents, do something good or do something bad. I dare say that politicians on both sides have lied, had affairs, (Gasp!!), stolen, hired people to do unsavory things, or even done them themselves.

How can anyone believe everything?

Why do we believe everything that one person says is true, especially in politics?  Are we so brainwashed that we will vote for someone based solely on their words, promises, how they make us feel or how they look? Do people really believe that a president or one senator or one representative can change everything by themselves? Or that all candidates are honest or even telling the “whole truth and nothing but the truth?” Listening to the political candidates I hear most of them say, “I will…. (Fill in your greatest desire for our country).” But they can do nothing by themselves. Cooperation is what’s needed from everyone topass a bill or make decisions!

Last I checked we are a democracy.

That means we have a system of checks and balances. No one person makes all of the changes. So why even make claims that they should know they can never fulfill alone. Isn’t it more accurate to say, “I will work together with the other members of the government to create a solution to this problem. Or “I will do all that I can do to….”?

Research the candidates.

Before we vote please do your homework instead of listening to the same advertisements and news broadcasts over and over. We should look at a candidate’s history of service, attendance to sessions, what they voted on. Facts and accurate, unbiased sources can help us make wise decisions instead of decisions made by rallies, emotions, or “team spirit.”

Why is one way the only way?

Why do people think their way is the only right way? If we keep our minds open there just may be a solution that brings about desired goals to both sides of the situation at least some of the time. No one side has all of the answers or knows exactly what our country needs. Isn’t it just possible that some people on both sides have similar beliefs or goals about some issues?

Did I miss God writing a new commandment that one side was all 100% right and the other was 100% wrong? When did this happen?

When did being a party member become obscene?

Calling someone a Liberal or Conservative is like calling them something obscene! The name of the opposing party is spoken with tones of disgust and mistrust.

As soon as the old situation of ballot box stuffers came up. One side started accusing the other. Well, duh, do they believe that no one in their party in all of history has ever stuffed ballot boxes or never would do this? Corruption is on both sides, whether it be one or several candidates. Why automatically accuse the other side even before the voting has started or they’ve had a chance to prove themselves?

Good relationships are vital to be an effective official. 

When you marry someone you have to learn to give and take, draw the line, stand up for what you believe in, and most of all try to love and understand where your partner is “coming from.”  This requires time and effort. Sometimes a couple agrees to table some decisions till those involved can work together for a common solution. Why couldn’t politicians use some of the same methods of handling disagreements as used in marriage?

We should all be on Team America!!

The sooner we figure this out, the better off our country will be. We need to be able to meet each other with respect, (at least) with open minds, (not emotionally brainwashed and closed minds) and hearts with genuine concern for the “other” people being represented by the “other” party.

Can we please get back in touch with reality? We are all (politicians, candidates, brothers, sisters, cousins, neighbors, black, white, of Chinese, Korean, Mexican, or whatever heritage or religion) just people who want to have good lives for ourselves, our families and a strong country. But we can never achieve that until we can respect each other and the right of each other to believe the way they feel led to believe.

7 thoughts on “A War of Affiliations

  1. Oh yes, this is a great post. I think the whole world feel like you about all this name calling accusations, throwing back and forwards, etc, how can anyone run a country with that attitude?
    Everyday here in NZ when listening to the news, watching TV, it’s always there continue bickering, it would be nice to have peace.
    Have a nice weekend.

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  2. For sure! As a Canadian, what I find odd. Is despite the acrimony, which is likely deserved for both main candidates? Is that nobody even talks about the the third choice. Johnson/Weld are almost like the invisible men … one would think it would create them a larger profile? Then I know next to nothing, about any of the candidates. Except not either Democrat or Republican would I wish on the good people of that country.

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    1. If I remember correctly only one third party candidate has ever won for president. People are afraid of what might happen if they vote for a third party candidate because those votes might make the difference between the least desired candidate winning because the votes that made the difference went to the third party candidate. Hope that helps. The thing is the president is chosen more by the electoral college(not a real college), which is a matter of larger higher populated states have so many points. A winner has to have a certain amount of the electoral votes to win. It gets complicated. Lol.

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      1. Nope. We’re a republic. Technically a democratic Republic but we use electors to vote. It is not one person one vote…to the Republic in which we stand one nation…yada yada

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